racetime results

Racetime results

Race Time is the only “one click” race management company – from Registration to Results. Learn more about the professional services and products Race Time provides.

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Get ready to run! With over 350 races to choose from every year, runners in Northern Illinois can always find a race hosted and timed by Race Time that will grab their interest!


“That which is measured can be improved.” With Race Time’s accurate timing and quick results turn around, you can always know where you stand after you complete a race.

To our running and walking friends and family:

I hope that this message finds you healthy and safe. We are certainly in crazy times right now, and it seems that each day is a littler crazier than the day before.

The unknown is very scary for all of us.

We are all feeling stress in ways we have never felt before….and don’t quite know what to do about it.

Staying positive helps and right now we are all scrambling to find a way to do that. It’s hard but we can all find our way to cope. We are strong and resilient….we will get through this. Let’s face it, we really don’t have a choice….we are Americans and that is what we do. We fight, and when things get really tough, we fight even harder.

We start with doing our part in this fight. Wash our hands, keep our distance, stay home, and most importantly, accept. Accept what is happening, Accept that this is something that we’ve never dealt with in our life, Accept that we can overcome this by following what we need to do and do so in a positive way.

Yes, our patience is wearing thin. But kindness and compassion are powerful tools and ones that we can share with one another.

We need to take care of ourselves but let’s also take care of those that are around us. Our families of course, but there are also the brave people that are working out in the public taking care of us: The workers in the retail stores supplying us with our essentials, the shipping companies that are still getting our supplies that we order on line, the restaurant staff who still offer us our carry out orders and most importantly are medical staff and first responders, our heroes!

Even though we are doing our part with social distancing we can all say THANK YOU – give them a thumbs up! Beep your horn as you go by…let them know how much you appreciate what they are doing….for us!

And we will win this together! We are all stronger than we know. That strength comes from within every one of us. Sometimes it is down deep inside of us and we really have to try to pull it up, but it is there. We can do this.

We are fighters….we are together/apart in this fight. A fight we have never seen the likes of. But we can do it and when this fight is over and we can get back to a new normal way of life we will be stronger and wiser than when it started. There is a light at the end of this tunnel…we just have to focus on that and keep moving forward.

Get outside! Get some fresh air. One of the best ways to stay positive and calm anxiety is to stay active. Play with the kids, play with the dog (or cat!), go for a walk, go for a run….but stay active. Fresh air and physical activity is the best way to combat stress right now…so let’s all do it!

Send pictures and posts to our Facebook ….and tell us how you are staying healthy, both physically and mentally. We all have a story. Let’s share how we are coping and dealing with this craziness.

Get out there….clear your mind. Get away from the news for a while (it will still be there when you’re done). Tell all of us how you are – you something you share can help someone out there deal with this. Let’s get creative!

We are in this together….and we will get through this….together!

If you do have questions about any upcoming events please do not hesitate to reach out to us….we will keep you updated as we hear of cancellations, rescheduled dates, and what to expect next. Until then, stay healthy!!

Racetime results Race Time is the only “one click” race management company – from Registration to Results. Learn more about the professional services and products Race Time provides. Upcoming

Racetime results

• Online registration systems
• Finish line layout and setup design
• Course design and setup
• Custom Bibs with timing chip
• Professional timing and instant results
• Proven race marketing strategies

Online Registration

• Flat Fee Registration
• Mobile Friendly Registration
• Direct Integration to Timing
• Zero Cost to Organizer
• Marketing Tools
• Registration Analytics

Professional Timing

• Flat Fee Timing
• RFID Chip-based timing
• Finish line display clocks
• Course route display clocks
• Finish-line Inflatable arch
• Cones, Flags, People chutes


Our team has over 20 years experience managing and timing events as big as 25,000 participants! We offer the best professional timing services & race management for charity-based runs and community road races. Specializing in running, cycling, triathlon, water sports, themed runs, and motorsports. Servicing Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Key West, Orlando, and Tampa.

Our technology partners

Over the past 15 years Macsha Timing Technology has dominated the timing industry across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our Macsha powered technology was developed over a decade ago in Spain and is always ahead of other RFID chip timing systems. RaceTime is a proud timer and distributor of Macsha timing hardware and timing chips in the United States. If you are a timer interested in the benefits of Macsha, contact us to learn more or visit Macsha’s website

On behalf of Special Olympics Florida – Broward County, I wanted to thank you personally for a great job during the Sallarulo’s Race for Champions on Saturday. You and your staff were amazing. Race Time was very easy to work with, you truly took care of everything and made my job so much easier. Your professionalism, patience, attention to detail, and dissemination of information was quick and accurate, it was truly appreciated.

Jacqueline Draizin, Sallarulo’s Race for Champions

The Sarasota Chalk Festival had it’s 1st annual 5k race this year in 2016. We were able to have a successful race having RaceTime help us with timing the race and other race day issues as well. They have a great system that is fast and organized, with excellent access to race results. We look forward to using them again next year and for future races.

RaceTime is a full service race management company including modern chip race timing, live results, race registrations, course management, custom race BIB numbers, event planning and logistics, barricades, awards, tee shirts, finisher medals, entertainment, photographers, DJs, and more! Servicing Florida: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Broward, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Pierce.