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  • ‘They ensure you never win a lottery’

    Says a shocking police report, which claims to have incriminating evidence against some powerful lottery operators. The state government is also sitting pretty on the report, submitted last November. Wonder why?

    No win situation: Unscrupulous lottery game operators have “fixed” the system to ensure that no matter how often you play, you will never win the big bucks. representation pic

    How often have you missed the lottery jackpot by a whisker? How often have you desperately poured more money, bought another handful of tickets, in the hope that you would get lucky the next time and lost again?

    What if you were told that the proverbial hand of God was in reality, a deliberate handiwork of some unscrupulous lottery game operators who have “fixed” the system to ensure that no matter how often you play, you will never win the big bucks.

    “Officers appointed by the government are aware, but are misusing the system. We do not rule out a parallel lottery racket in play here,” said S P S Yadav, head of Maharashtra’s CID.

    There are almost 10 major lottery players in Maharashtra, which operate through approximate 30,000 online centres. Incidentally, Maharashtra State Lottery, owned and operated by the local government also had an online lottery system, but a similar scam almost three years ago led to that being suspended. The then Lottery secretary still is facing double digit criminal cases against her, being heard in several courts in Maharashtra.

    Currently, the state government Lottery officials monitor the operations of other lottery players, including Sikkim Lottery, complot, among others.

    Police investigation has shown that the Maharashtra government supervision is nothing but
    an eyewash.

    How it operates

    You cannot buy a single lottery ticket. You need to purchase them in bundles of 10, for a price of Rs 11. Every ticket has 10-digit numbers The last two digits indicate the series. For instance, the bundle of 10 tickets could have a ticket number 1057670-74 (the last two digits in your bundle would be from 70
    up to 79).

    “It is such a complex web, using operator servers, terminals and a numeric matrix, that major players ensure that the lottery buyer is forced to purchase tickets in bundles of tens, but he can only win a paltry amount on his double-digit match, that too, on one of his 10 tickets. Thus, losing money on the remaining nine.”

    Egged by the possibility of a win, he keeps buying only to lose again,” cops explained.

    CID officials have found that since the online lottery tickets are generated through computers, owners and agents immediately know how much bet has been placed on particular numbers. Winners could be deceived by manipulating the number on which very little bet is laid.


    “Interestingly, the entire online process has been outsourced. But, the shocking part is, neither does the government have any control over the servers, nor does it have any machinery to monitor the functioning,” said investigators. More startling is the police report, which has blamed “officers of the government misusing the positions by violating the Lottery Act”.

    “Our probe has shown how easy it is to manipulate these servers and ensure that only specific numbers, chosen not randomly, as it should ideally be, but by the operator make it to the winning list,” investigators said.

    Investigators have pegged the entire scam to over a Rs 1,000 crore.

    However, while you have been busy burning up your salary on an online lottery, the government has done little to monitor even basic regulatory errors, said investigators hinting at a larger conspiracy.

    No wonder that a report, which warranted immediate action from the administration, has been gathering dust since November 2006. Investigators refused to be dragged into any blame game. All attempts to contact Finance Minister Jayant Patil, through phone or SMS, emerged futile.

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    34 Responses to “‘They ensure you never win a lottery’”


    Respected Sir,
    As we are interested to become a agent ( Distributor ) of online lottery ticket for maharashtra. kindly let us know your terms and conditions for the same. In our area following Brands are running. Goldwin,Complot,Shreelot,Funlot,Lotwin,Paylwin,Playsmart, Smartlot,
    Thanking You,
    Yours Faithfully,
    G. Krishna
    SOLAPUR – 413005
    Mobile – 09921033449 R. 09764934344
    Email : [email protected]

    it seems To be good That some one is thinking about it because this is totally fake game and uneducated people losses their hard earn money in this game but government is not taking any action against it. Please take some serious action against of all lottery distributor or organization.

    all 2 digits lottery should be ban from india,because i have personnely seen that many people has lost there wealth on this game to became rich, there is no control of goverment to see on eye on the game.

    onlinelottery is tottaly bundle and fack game.major dealer gives the lottery shoppers free of cost 3 or4 computers .free phone with internet conections .lot of free peper for printing.and again 3 percent cpmmission. is it possible without cheating,there is such a system that when you buy a lot of any no in vertically and winning no is not there then computer allows to accept the ticket in last one or in two second also and your money washes out .you become begger.lottery is maneged be away from lottery.

    Dear Sir
    Many Burmese people have lost almost everything they have in trying to make quick money in the popular–but illegal–2-digit lottery.

    It is because cheating in lottery result my self had played but lost not because of luck but cheating in lottery, many families are broken when gamblers lose, as most do. Some desperate people even commit murders and suicide. Many people, well off and poor, have lost everything in gambling on the two-digit lottery. Some become homeless vagabonds and drifters after losing all their property and belongings in the lottery.

    Everybody knows the danger of the illegal lottery, but they are blindly attracted to it because of poverty and unemployment. Many see the lottery as the easiest way to make a quick buck and wistfully dream of escaping from their daily hardship and suffering. They fail to see that they can end up in the quicksand of the lottery, losing their material possessions and their soul.

    Our government ignores this lottery. Maybe it wants the people to be distracted from politics. I really wonder if the government bothers to think about the evils of this lottery and how it harms the people. Or does it simply have no interest in these things
    dev agrawal

    hi am my self is a trminal owne want say that the two digit no lotry are truly a based on lode system means which no is bet lowest amt is will b the wining no bcs my one the opretor try to get sm money he play the 7 single no.s 5 time and the repitedly the wining was what he has left bcs he was incrisng the amt of bet on it i my self has lost almost my whole money in it want say govt must keep eye one it the doing cheting the wing no must have 40%of wining which is not

    hi am my self is a trminal owne want say that the two digit no lotry are truly a based on lode system means which no is bet lowest amt is will b the wining no bcs my one the opretor try to get sm money he play the 7 single no.s 5 time and the repitedly the wining was what he has left bcs he was incrisng the amt of bet on it i my self has lost almost my whole money in it want say govt must keep eye one it the doing cheting the wing no must have 40%of wining which is not cont no8983600408rahul

    I have won Rs. 10,000 in Rs.10 Plawyin Jaldi 5..

    i missed Rs 8 crores 10 laks because the sixth winning No in Playwin was 42 and I ticked 43.

    hiiiii i hav solution

    Dear All,
    I have been playing lottery since 15 years. i started with Max3, It was 3 digit lottery. with Rs 5.50 winning amount was Rs 750. There were only 12 draws per day. It was pretty good. Those days my salary used to be Rs 7500 per month. i myself is a computer programmer, I had developed a program to find out frequency of popular 3 digit winning numbers (Box) and used to invest Rs 200 per day and on a monthly basis I used to be always plus, avg Rs 3500. It was too good. Later lucky 3 started Rs 11 winning amt was Rs 1500 for Box. Here it became bit difficult to become plus. But Still it was good.
    After some years it stopped. I started playing single digit lottery and later two digit. Initially it was v difficult. Per month i used to loose 5-7 thousand Rs. Later I dedicatedly started pursuing the same and designed some formulae to play. about 3-4 years back I started making 1 Lac per month. It did not last for long. Currently the situation is worst, Rajshree Lottery is eating money. After buying ticket you need not check the result as you are v sure of loosing the same. Above all that “gap” system has started. i.e “No Result”. I wonder how people go on playing loosing game. It has become v painful now. My earnest request to you all is stop playing these two digit lottery immediately. You will hace peace in your life. Instead invest your money and time in some other activity. I have many friends who have lottery shops. they have told me openly that now a days it is v difficult to even win Rs 180 by betting all the 10 digits after 3:20 pm as 90% of the time it will be “Gap”, v bad. They have adviced me to be away from Rajshree.
    You can be in touch with me [email protected]
    ThanQ All. Once again I request you earnestly to stop playing two digit or one digit lottery completely.

    thanks rameshji ,for agve the true knoledge about raj lottery,the gap system eating money of players,nobody can win in this lottery. also I request to all viewers/players to stop playing two digit or one digit lottery completely

    If lottery players come across these lottery operators of Rajshree etc, they will be beaten to death because the way they have been manipulating and sucking the blood of poor people. One day that will happen. these lottery operators will be pulled to road and beaten to death.

    hi Bull Fuck them all to the hell 🙂

    Yes Scary Skull,
    Actually I want to rape them all, if I get a chance. You don’t know what havoc they have played in the life of innocent poor people who go to these lottery shops and put their hard earned money. por people don’t know exactly what is happening behind. Nobody has ever won in lottery. it is a pure illusion that you may win money in lottery. It gives one win but later sucks 10 times money from your pocket. It is amazing really how people, even after loosing and loosing plenty of times come again to lottery shops to put money with fresh hope that they will win. Govt also has turned blind eye on this issue. may police/politician/govt authorities are hand in gloves in all this manipulation in lottery business. may be we have to become Anna Hazaare/Kejriwal to stop lottery.
    I may appeal to Annaji regarding the same.

    Lottery playrs r most fooled on this earth. Everyone is in loss. Only opetators r sucking good for lottery owners. People play for good hope to recover. But never win. Still they play to come on road. Fuck lottery owners n their wealth.

    Fuck u rajshree lottery, u put dash everytime I play big game. U r a bigbhakhRi . Fooling poor peOple. Drawing white m
    Oney. God will pun ish u someday n ur children will become bhikAri onthe road. Stop dash games.fuck uu u u u

    dont play after 3.20 pm fucking lottery mother fucker sucking blood




    Rajshree lottery is a biggest open scam happening daily between 10:15 am to 9:30 pm. It makes a drama of paying you but sucks your money 100 times more what it gives you. In fact all lotteries are same. Be it golden/rajshree/playwin. Even well educated people are becoming victims of the same. Now a days I go to lottery centre at 9:15 pm and try to play only one game at 9:30 pm. Because if I go early I loose more money as I try to recover previous game loss 😦
    If we all lottery players stop playing lottery just 10 days, these rascals will come on the roads. In US every lottery draw result, the pay out money and number of winners is published to whatever small it is. In India there is no such rule nor care for the consumers who go on investing their hard earned money on daily basis. Their business model is v simple – Take Rs 100 from you and pay only 90 in return. That ratio is the base for their earning. But we lottery players go on filling their pocket by increasing our betting amount as when we loose to recover our losses. This goes on and on. We lottery players fail to see the conspiracy played on us by these unscrupulous lottery operators.
    Though we win, we fail to hold that money even for two days. In just two days all the winning amount vanishes from our wallets along with whatever money we had. This is a great tragedy. Learn to plug your losses. We win but loose more than what we win. That’s how we are perpetually loosers and lottery operator is always gainers. Whenever you win big amount use that money to pay bills/debts etc, digest that money and then after 1-2 weeks play small amount and try to win big amount. Never play advance draws, never chase games by doubling your betting amount. Play very sensibly as per your budget. make sure your winning amount is always more than your betting amount. Always keep a note on daily basis how much you have won and invested. Never throw your hard earned money on these rascals.

    By this post i must say you’ve invested alot of time and money in rajshree…
    However it’s a very good advice..

    I’m actually planning to open a rajshree lottery centre for my own self in my shop by putting partition,
    wherein i’ll play myself not let outsider play it even though i’ll get commision but still don’t want to get disturbed by huge crowd and though i can’t concentrate so i’ll keep a target i.e. 3000/- for a day …
    wherein if anytime of the day i’m 3000/- plus i’ll turn off my machines and do my daily work…

    And FYI let me tell you i’ve been playing this rajshree from the time when “R” which is now “18” or “19” it’s almost 8-9 years i’m playing this game in which i’ve kept a record for myself and i’ve won 2.5 lacs yet.. but do you think this plan of mine will work or will lose alot by losing self control….

    Kindly advice since i’m just 25 and got lot of stuff to do in life….

    Give me u r number please

    Height of gambling addiction:
    My friend lost rs.45000 in online lottery which was kept his father for his eye operations.
    I asked him …how you dare to play with this money.
    He bastard told he had hopes that he can win & can return more money to his father ..
    He told he won rs. 27000 from 10.15 to 11.45….
    But lost all rs. 72000 from 12.00 to 1.45…

    What should be done with this guy…..& lottery operator

    He should’ve leave at the time when he lose his first game after winning 27000/-

    Why government allow such game where poor people lose there life,yes it is sucide machine where many people have lost their lives forget money this kind of games played by poor and they lost their money and later committed suicide and these are original incident i have seen becoz i am also victim of such game.

    Can’t we stand against this to save lives of the people

    HELLO EVERYONE. My name is Patrick Kukla, i am very happy sharing this great testimonies with you. The best thing that has ever happened in my life is how i won a lottery in the MICHIGAN CLUB KENO LOTTERY. I believe that one day i will win the lottery. Finally my dreams has come through when i emailed (Dr. Clem) at [email protected] and i told him i need the lottery winning numbers. i have come a long way spending money on tickets just to make sure i win. But i never know that winning was so easy until the day i meant the spell caster online which so many people has talked good about, he is very great in casting lottery spell, so i decide to give it a try. I contacted this man and he cast a lottery spell for me and he gave me the winning lottery numbers. But believe me when the draws came out i was among the winners, i won ($384, 832) Three hundred eighty four thousand eight hundred thirty two Dollar. Dr. Clem truly you are the best, with this man you can win millions of money through lottery. I am so very happy to meet him. you can meet him too via his email above

    What idiots are here , if gambling were that bad it wud have been banned in developed countries but no some of biggest lotteries are in us and UK , lotteries offer chance to poor people to dream big , chance to change their life- see how many people have become rich on Playwin site – one would be blind to call that fake – what idiots- 10 rupees is ticket price of crore jackpot price- who will lose his wealth on 10 rupee ticket- if there are dimwits here who go overboard in gambling then who is to be blamed. Pls dnt publish such I’ll investigated articles in this country of so many depressed and poor such hopeful chances are needed .to stick to hope with 10 rupees is better than commuting suicide , rather solution is to keep a limit on ticket buying –

    rajshree lottery result 10 to 19
    and all

    Says a shocking police report, which claims to have incriminating evidence against some powerful lottery operators. The state government is also sitting pretty on the report, submitted last November. Wonder why? No win situation: Unscrupulous lottery game operators have “fixed” the system to ensure that no matter how often you play, you will never…