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Rogue River Wild Section

Surrounded by the lush forests and rugged mountains of Southern Oregon, the Rogue National Wild and Scenic River was one of the original eight rivers designated Wild and Scenic in 1968. The Rogue flows 215 miles from Crater Lake to the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach. From seven miles west of Grants Pass to 11 miles east of Gold Beach, the 84-mile long National Wild and Scenic portion is cooperatively managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the US Forest Service.В

The Rogue is a well-recognized whitewater/wilderness float trip, known for its scenic beauty and emerald waters, offering a remote floating experience with many technical rapids. These class III and IV+ rapids offer boating excitement for both families and experienced adventurers. Hiking on the remote Rogue River Trail, which parallels the entire Wild section of the Rogue River, is accessible from most river campsites.В

Each year, approximately 20,000 people float the Wild section of the river, where only a few trails, private lodges and BLM or Forest Service stations are evidence of man’s intrusion. To help preserve future enjoyment of the pristine beauty of the Rogue and its float trips, fishing, swimming, wildlife viewing, and hiking adventures, a permit system is administered by the BLM. Permits are available year-round on the Wild section. During the peak season, May 15 – October 15, permits must be obtained through the competitive process. A self-issued non-competitive permit is available October 16 – May 14. Wild section float permit regulations are uniform throughout the year, requiring fire pans and toilet systems. While the permit system helps track and regulate use, keeping this remote wilderness untrammeled by man, you, the user, must also learn and practice Leave No Trace ethics.В

River conditions fluctuate seasonally. The autumn and spring vary in weather and water levels. Winter months are subject to cold temperatures and flood-stage water levels. During the peak summer season, the Rogue has warm temperatures, abundant sunshine and consistent flow rates. Boaters should always check road conditions, particularly during early- and shoulder-season trips, as shuttle routes will vary with road closures.В

For more information, be sure to contact the Forest ServiceВ Gold Beach Ranger District or the BLMВ Medford District for the latest conditions and access to the spectacular Wild Rogue Wilderness Area.

Notifications and Alerts

Notice: 2020 lottery winners were given the option to defer their permit launch date to 2021 if their travel and/or trip plans were impacted due to concerns regarding COVID-19. Due to these deferments all launch dates, or all spaces on a given launch date, may not be available for allocation through the 2021 lottery. We thank you for your understanding at this time, and for your continued interest in floating the Wild & Scenic Rogue River.В

Permit & Season Information

A float permit allows the permit holder to participate in watercraft activities on the Wild section of the Rogue River.

A float permit is available year-round for the Wild section of the Rogue River. A lottery is used to allocate the control season (May 15 – October 15) launches. Pre- and post-control season launches are obtained by filling out a self-issued permit available at Smullin Visitor Center and Grave Creek Boat Launch access.

Need to Know

Lottery Details

During the control season, permits are required to be assigned via a lottery. Apply for the lottery here on and pay the Lottery Application fee online.В

If successful in the lottery you will be notified by the BLM via email and must confirm and pay the per person “Confirmation fee” directly to the BLM in order to receive your permit. See Fees and Cancellation tab for details.В

To Reserve a Permit after the Lottery: Check float space availability, which will be posted on the BLM website beginning March 30.В

After the lottery has closed and notifications of award have been made, contact the BLM for confirmation, payment, and float space allocation times at 1 (541) 479-3735. В

Permit Information, Water Levels and River Information

Visit the BLM’s Rogue River website for hydrographs, river information, equipment requirements, permit regulations and more.В

Boaters should try to anticipate high and low water levels, access and shuttle issues before submitting an application or reserving a launch date.В

There are both class III rapids and class IV rapids on the Wild section of the Rogue. Boat operators need the skills necessary to navigate these rapids safely. It is recommended that all river parties scout Blossom Bar Rapid, Class IV prior to running.

Fee Policy

Lottery Application FeeВ

  • A $6.00 non-refundable Lottery Application Fee is required for each lottery application, payable to online.В
  • Party leader may apply to the lottery only once per calendar year.В В

Confirmation Fees В

  • A non-refundable $10.00 per person fee is required at the time of confirmation of reservation and must be received by the BLM no later than 10 days prior to the launch date. This fee is collected by the BLM facility and not
  • For payment instructions see the Lottery Award Confirmation InstructionsВ

Cancellation Policy

The lottery application is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Confirmed permits may be cancelled without penalty until 3 PM (PST) the day prior to the launch date.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

14335 Galice Road Merlin OR 97532

May 5 through October 15: Doors are open 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, seven days a week. Phone Access Hours are 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, seven days a week.

Explore Rogue River Wild Section in Rogue Wild & Scenic River, Oregon with Surrounded by the lush forests and rugged mountains of Southern Oregon, the Rogue National Wild and Scenic River was one of the original eight rivers designated

Rogue River Rafting Wild and Scenic Permit Information

The information provided below is provided by Whitewater Cowboys, which is a for-profit company offering full rental and shuttle services on the Rogue River. We are in no way affiliated with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which is the governing agency over permits on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River. The opinions below are our interpretation of the BLM’s permit system, which it may update at any time without our updating information here. We therefore do not guarantee the accuracy of the information below, nor does it in any way represent either federal agency overseeing sections of the Rogue River.

The Lottery

Grants Pass, Ore. — The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) are pleased to make the Rogue River Noncommercial Float Permit Lottery application process more convenient by making it available online. Noncommercial whitewater boaters hoping to float the wild section of the Rogue River during the 2017 season will now be able to submit their lottery applications online at: Permits are required May 15 through October 15 to float the wild section of the Rogue National Wild and Scenic River, which extends from Grave Creek to Watson Creek.

The lottery application period will be open December 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017 and will only be available through There is a fee of $6.00 per application to apply to the lottery. More information and instructions are available at:

Lottery application assistance is also available during the open period by calling 1-877-444-NRRS (6777).

With the permit lottery offered through, both successful and unsuccessful lottery applicants will be notified for the first time and those notifications will be provided on February 10, 2017, twenty days earlier than the previous system. Applicants will also be able to check their profile to view details of their lottery results.

Open Spaces

When the lottery is concluded, starts that were not filled during the lottery are often available. These leftover starts become available on the first business day in April and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis over the phone only, at 541-479-3735 .

Get details on the Rogue River Wild and Scenic section permit process and figure out how to get yourself a permit and raft the river this year.