scratch card design

Creative scratch card design that gets customers through the door!

Scratch card design is second nature to us. We design unique games with graphics that customers can’t wait to scratch! Talk to an expert!

Design for bespoke scratch card products

Bespoke products include: Cards with numbering, overprint (full colour or single colour), security printed scratch cards, cards with special finishes.

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Design for standard scratch card products

Standard products include: Gloss laminated fronts uncoated reverse cards, no overprint on the latex.

Don’t know where to start with your scratch card design?

That’s ok, we do!

You’ve almost certainly got an idea of how you want your scratch card design to be. Making that idea into a compelling design is where we can really help (by help, I mean take over)!

We’ve been designing scratch cards for a long time – more than 10 years. The experience and knowledge we’ve gained ensures;

  • you get the right product for your intended market
  • that your design has the right message and ultimately,
  • that your customers are compelled to scratch the panels, enjoy the moment and win prizes.

Scratch card design should be fun

We’ve said it ourselves many times over, “who can resist scratching a scratch card” – this is true, but put a bit of life into your idea and you can make the event of scratching a true experience.

Our scratch card game designs almost never include a single latex panel – there’s no fun in that! All that het up anticipation gone in a second (if you’re a loser) – boooo. And that brings me neatly to my next point…

Make every scratch card a winner

There is nothing more disappointing than losing.

By associating your business with a loss is just pure negativity, give everyone a reason to come back it is just as easy to say “you didn’t win the big prize this time but here’s a discount (or other incentive) when you next visit” – If you can entice that customer back to your shop, restaurant, exhibition stand, or online store with a code in their hands – you will be the real winner over and over again!

Can I afford you to design my scratch cards?

Yes! Is the simple and honest answer.

Our scratch card design prices start at only £360+vat!

We’ll have an initial briefing with you, taking time to understand your prize structure, give recommendations and advice early-on about how the game could work, then create a compelling scratch game with a great looking design.

We take all the technical hassle away (you don’t need to know the bleed amount o what layer the latex needs to be on or how to set the overprint). We design it, make print ready artwork and ensure it is completely to specification so you get the best print job possible.

Ready now?

Get a quote for your scratch card design project

Fill out the form on this page to send us information regarding your scratch card project and we’ll be in touch very shortly. Our standard CMYK scratch cards are just about perfect for any project but if you need a card that is secure or requires extra printing detail (e.g latex overprint, or consecutive numbers) then our Bespoke option would be right for you.

To make sure you’re choosing the right product for your scratch card campaign – get in touch and we’ll get right back to you.

We love scratch card design! Our team can quickly create a scratch card campaign for you. We'll design scratch game ideas that work perfectly with your branding. And, if you're providing your own design we offer an artwork check as standard to give you as much help as you need to make your artwork print perfectly…

Digital Scratch Card

Create digital scratch cards to engage your fans, build opt-in marketing data and drive sales


Creating your own digital Scratch-Off and Win game is easy with BeeLiked. We have advanced features with lots of integration options.

Use this interactive scratch-off promotion to drive engagement and promote your products and services with your customers.

Its super simple to create with BeeLiked – set up a digital scratch card in no time! See the demo’s below.



Builds awareness and increases reach

People like and enjoy playing games. By using gamified interactive promotions, you can attract new customers in a fun and original way. Rather than feeling marketed or sold to, the right game or promotion will engage your audience in a task or behavior.

While your customer goes through your promotion, you can share messages or updates in an authentic and timely way.

Drives engagement and influences positive customer behavior

Gamification is a great way to influence behavior, actions and buying decisions.

Some types of gamified promotions are more effective than others. For example, when trying to engage existing audiences vs generating lots of new leads and conversions you need to choose the right method that relates to your target outcome.

Not every promotion will be effective for all audiences. Consider what promotion will be most appropriate for your target audience and your marketing goals.

Gathers valuable audience and opt-in data and qualifies leads

One of the greatest benefits of gamification is the ability to collect actionable insights about your target audience in a fun and non-intrusive way. Demonstrate the ROI of your promotions by analyzing and clearly reporting the performance of your interactive promotions.

By using custom forms after entering your promotion you can collect GDPR compliant opt-in data and insights about your audience and prospects in a non-intrusive way:

Contact details (address, phone, etc)

Favorite ice cream flavor

The last car bought etc

To encourage and motivate users, you can award social, monetary, or other incentives.

Using the BeeLiked platform you can also get access to game analytics and performance metrics such as sessions, entries, channel attribution, answers to questions (e.g. quiz), clicks on Calls-To-Action, viral shares, purchases, and many other metrics and reports so you can:

Measure and analyze the ROI of your promotions

Identify the most engaging players (qualify leads) and potential micro-influencers

Follow up on your most promising leads to grow customer advocacy

  • Share the success and insights of your marketing and loyalty campaigns with your team and senior executives
  • Personalizes your brand message and experience

    Segmentation and personalization are very important to drive conversion, develop trust and build customer loyalty. The more you can mold your marketing efforts to your target audience, the more effective your campaigns will be. Gamification allows for two types of personalization:

    gamification based on players’ likes and player types

    gamification based on customer data and demographics

    Gamification takes personalization to the next level. With gamification, you can create a truly immersive and interactive experience tailored to your customers’ likes and needs.

    You can create custom experiences targeted to specific audiences or segments and link these game experiences to your brand values. Gamification allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper and more authentic level.

    Great for market research and customer feedback

    As a Marketer, you need to understand your audience so you can continually adapt your marketing strategies to be more effective. One way of doing this is by undertaking market research to collect audience and customer feedback.

    It’s not easy to convince people to take and complete a survey. Gamification, however, offers a more engaging and fun approach to your market research so you can gather insights about your audience and customer preferences in a scalable and non-intrusive way.

    Increases customer retention and loyalty

    Games can create a sense of intrinsic motivation that grows over time. A successful interactive gamified promotion taps into our need for competition, rewards, and status; this creates opportunities for you to increase audience engagement, participation, loyalty, and influence and drive specific behaviors.

    As a marketer, you can incorporate gamification and interactivity at almost every touchpoint in your customers’ journey.

    Gamification techniques can be used to attract customers, build brand loyalty, create deeper connections, and give your customers a reason to keep returning to your brand and purchase your products and services.

    If your promotion offers an incentive such as social reward, vouchers or coupons, or special content, make sure you match the appropriate incentive with your target audience. What does your audience want and what will motivate them?

    The end goal is to boost sales and drive revenue.

    Speaks to the Next generation

    Millennials grew up in a digitalizing world, learning how to read, think, and connect with others using games. They are the generation that likes to be challenged and are almost immune to traditional forms of advertising.

    Generation Z is the digitally connected generation. They grew up with smartphones and Snapchat and expect your campaigns to be interactive.

    Gamified and interactive content offers millennials and younger what they prefer and expect: easily digestible, bite-sized, engaging interactive content. Gamification will give your marketing the edge it needs to cut through the noise and stay competitive and effective in the near future.

    Why print scratch cards when you can go digital? Perfect for engagement, lead generation, sales incentivization, and customer and employee rewards