st.lucia lottery lucky 3


This game is played six days a week, Monday through to Saturday with two draws each day except on public holidays. Midday draws are aired at 1:30 p.m. on Radio 100 Helen FM and HTS television and Evening draws are aired at 9:00 p.m. on HTS television.

The amount you win depends on the amount wagered. Betting starts from EC$1.00 to EC$20.00/EC$40.00 on a Back-up bet. Rules and conditions are printed at the back of each ticket. There are seven ways to play Lucky 3 and forty ways to win.

How To Play

Choose three numbers from 0-0-0 to 9-9-9, select the amount you want to bet and choose the play method from the seven options below:

In Line : your three numbers must match the three winning numbers in the exact order.

Example: Winning Numbers : 1-2-3

Your Numbers : 1-2-3

Mix 3 Way : With this play two of the numbers must be the same; hence the name Mix 3 Way because the numbers can only be mixed three ways. They can also be matched in any order.

Example: Winning Numbers: 1-3-3

Your Numbers: 1-3-3

Mix 6 Way : Match your three numbers in any order to the winning numbers.

Example: Winning Numbers: 1-2-3

Your Numbers: 1-2-3

Back Up : This play type is a combination of an in-line and a mix / 6 way / 3 way. This simply means you have more chances of winning; in-line or mix or both ways. The ticket price is separated between the plays as well as the winnings;

Example: a back up ticket would cost $EC2.00 because you are playing two bet types (1) In-Line (2) Mix 3 Way / 6 Way, therefore $1.00 goes to In-Line the other goes to Mix 3 Way / 6 Way. Hence if your numbers were to match the winning numbers but not in the exact order you would have won on the mix bet and loose on the in-line which would make your winning either EC $180 or EC $90. Lets say your numbers were called in the exact order to the winning numbers you would have won both in-line and mix 3 way / 6 way which would make your winning either EC $550 + $180 or EC $550 + 90.

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