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St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas For Your Business

After entrepreneurs succeed in opening a bar, their mind becomes occupied with another tricky question: how to attract and retain customers and get a stable foot traffic. Seasonal holidays provide good opportunities for promotion. While some of those are fairly obvious ( Halloween , Christmas , St. Valentine’s Day , or Super Bowl ), others may get not that much of attention, and St. Patrick’s Day is the one.

In 2019, St. Patrick’s day falls on Sunday, March 17th. It means that people will start going out to celebrate starting Friday, and all through the weekend. How can your business take advantage of these three days? Here are some ideas for attracting people on St Patrick’s day.

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St. Patrick’s Day Is a Great Opportunity To Stand Out Among Competitors

On St. Patrick’s Day beer sales grow at an impressive pace because restaurants start offering all kinds of green beer. Families that want to have a memorable St. Patrick’s weekend enjoy going out to places that offer extraordinary specials. Needless to say, kids love trying weird green-looking foods.

Are you wondering what promotions for St Patrick’s day there are? Here are a few.

A Possibility to Stand Out From The Crowd

If you serve specials on this day, you’ll be able to put your place on the map and stand out among other bars, restaurants or pubs in the area. St. Patrick’s Day might be a good chance to get local press to pay attention to your place – this way, more people from the area will know about your business.

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Strong Social Media Potential

Social media is a powerful St Patrick’s Day promotions tool for restaurant owners. A lot of people post and browse pictures of food inspiration every day. On Saint Patrick’s Day, your guests might want to take a picture of a special or a glass of green beer. This way you’ll be generating free buzz about the place and getting new patrons.

A Way to Attract Families

Most families don’t have the time nor the means to go out every day. On holidays the landscape changes – all the families in residential areas look forward to having a memorable night out. Your restaurant can provide this experience. After showcasing your quality service once, you stand a chance of converting many households into your clients. Essentially, implementing St Patrick’s Day marketing ideas for a bar means getting bigger checks as well.

St. Patrick’s Day Restaurant Bar Ideas

Choosing the right St Patricks Day ideas for a bar to attract new guests on Saint Patrick’s Day might be tricky. To start with, you need to decide on your target audience. According to the National Restaurant Association, women are twice as likely as men to pay attention to a place with St. Patrick’s Day specials even if they haven’t visited it before.

Also, aiming for younger adults would be a wise move – statistically, people 18-34 years old are more likely to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at a restaurant or a bar than older adults.

Paying attention to specials is important but so is the overall atmosphere. Let’s take a look at a few ways to create a proper St. Patrick’s Day vibe.

1. Have live Irish Music

If there’s a possibility to hire fiddle players for a day, take advantage of it. Live music will be an interesting event even for those who don’t order any specials. It will make your place more Instagrammable and buzz-friendly. Listening to fiddle players will have some educational value for kids – they’ll be immersed in the traditional Irish culture.

2. Set Up a Photo Booth

It’s another way to enhance the social media profile of your restaurants. In a special Saint Paddy photo booth, guests can take pictures and share them on Instagram. You can even come up with a reward system to praise guests who share the booth pictures online with a location tag of the place.

3. Invite Other Businesses for Collaboration

St. Patrick’s Day is not just a possibility to attract more guests and have a lot of attractive social media posts. You can use the day as an opportunity for business collaboration. For instance, a restaurant owner can host a game night and give prizes provided by different brands. This way, your partners will get a cross-promotion possibility, and you’ll be able to add more fun to St. Patrick’s Day activities.

Traditional Irish Games

What kind of party would St. Patrick’s Day be if there were no games? Bring an unforgettable atmosphere to the place by offering special games and activities for the holiday. We did some legwork on the subject and collected a few worthwhile St Patrick’s Day bar party ideas and games to play on St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Gold Hunt

Bring a couple of dozen chocolate coins and hide them all over the place. Divide the restaurant guests into two teams and have them look for this “gold” for two minutes. The winning team gets a present – a free special dish.

2. Gold Coin Toss

For this game, you can use the same coins you bought for the previous one. Sure, you’ll need to get a few leprechaun pots as well – luckily, dollar stores might help out here. Divide the group of guests into two teams and have them throw coins into a pot. For every successful toss, a player gets a point. The team with the most points gets a special prize.

3. Irish Dancing

Throw an Irish dancing workshop at your restaurant. You might even hire an instructor to teach your guests some basic moves. That way, you’ll be able to offer the visitors some free entertainment.

4. Man vs Clock

For this game, challenge your guests to ‘beat the clock’. Have a jar of Lucky Charms ready, and challenge every guest to take as many Lucky Charms out of the jar as possible within 30 seconds or a minute. Every participant gets to keep their marshmallows.

5. Hot Potato Drinking Game

Ask your guests to stand in a circle. Give a potato to a person in the center of the circle. Start playing some Irish music and have the participants pass a potato to each other. Whoever has the potato when the music stops, has to step out of the circle and have a shot of whiskey. The winner can be awarded a St. Patrick’s Day special.

Decorations For St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, a restaurant owner would want to create an atmosphere that’ll allow guests to forget about their routine and happily enjoy food and drinks. To make sure you succeed, add a special vibe by decorating the place properly.

1. Shamrock Jars

Add a party vibe by putting shamrock jars on the table. Good news is, this kind of decor can be 100% DIY and really cheap. On the other hand, a golden-colored jar with the pictures of shamrock glued to it will look quite epic and memorable.

2. Pot of Gold

For this decoration, you’ll need to add glitter to an old flower pot and fill it with gold coins. Let your guests take a few of these chocolate coins for free – it’s a way to show care and attention.

3. Banners

Do not forget about adding custom St. Patrick’s Day banners. Decorate your place with triangle banners with words like “Lucky”, “Leprechaun”, or other traditional St. Paddy’s phrases.

4. Penny Wall Art

Use pennies to write words and glue them to the wall. It’s going to be a minimalistic, cheap to make, and memorable addition to the St. Patrick’s Day holiday atmosphere.

5. Scrabble St. Patrick’s Day Art

We all love to play the ‘Scrabble’ game, don’t we? Why not use it as an inspiration source for St. Patrick’s Day? Put scrabble words that spell special words for the occasion on the wall or into a frame on the bar counter.

Special Irish Drinks

Now that you’ve mapped up a list of bar promo ideas for St Patrick’s Day and created the mood by putting up St. Patrick’s Day decorations, it’s time to think about drinks to offer guests on that day. Going with traditional Irish beverages is a good idea. Here are some traditional drinks to consider.

1. Green Beer

Green beer is the number-one drink everyone is looking forward to trying on St. Patrick’s Day. Go with the flow and include it to your own special menu as well. For a 100%-Irish experience add a pint of Guinness to it. Also, it would be nice to serve green beer in shamrock cups.

2. Guinness And Green Jell-O Shots

For drinking games, it’s always nice to have a couple of special shot recipes around. Guinness and Green Jell-O shots are quite a solid choice to serve to guests. The first layer of the cocktail would be the dark gelatin (a mix of Guinness and Irish whiskey). For the top colored layer, use gelatin and Irish cream.

3. Green Apple Cocktail

Seeing that green would be the color of the night, you’d want your cocktails to match the palette, right? The green apple cocktail is basically green martini, with vodka replaced by Irish whiskey. The apple schnapps will color the drink, and the cranberry juice will add a new flavor to the mix.

4. Pot of Gold

The drink walks the line of being both creative and traditional. This one will be a fit for vodka martini fans. It’s a low-calorie recipe made entirely from vodka, syrup, and elderflower liqueur.

5. Shamrock Shaker

This drink is very lightweight, creamy, with a low hangover risk. Add Kahlua, amaretto, and milk, give all of it a good shake – the drink is ready to be served. The Shamrock shaker is both fun to make and to drink.

Special Irish Menu For St. Patrick’s Day

If you have decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it’s better to go all out. Apart from offering a traditional Irish breakfast, do a solid dig on St Patrick’s Day promotions food and don’t forget adding traditional dishes for the day in your POS system for restaurants.

Shepherd’s pie. Your guests will love giving this dish a try. It’s a mix of meat, potato, and vegetables baked into a bready crust. Super yummy!

Irish soda bread. It’s a simple yet popular treat that your guests will be expecting on St. Patrick’s Day. Basically, it’s really just a bread baked with baking soda.

Green eggs and ham. This dish is simple (green eggs and ham) yet super popular due to the popularity of green on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a must-have for an Instagram-friendly menu.

Shamrock Shake. When McDonald’s rolled out a similar special, it got wildly popular. Consider adding the classic green milkshake to your own holiday menu.

Bacon and cabbage. A simple appetizer in classic Irish style is another special worth considering for St. Patrick’s Day.

Lucky Charms. You’ll need this one to lure kids into your place. Also, you haven’t forgotten about games involving this special, have you?

St. Patrick’s Bar Party Ideas

If you’re running a bar, you can expect a lot of visitors over the course of the entire St. Patrick’s Day weekend. If you want to keep guests in for longer, how about throwing a special party? Here are some creative marketing ideas for St Patrick’s Day we’ve come up with.

1. A Costume Parade

For instance, you can have a special all-green dress-code. Also, you can throw a costume contest or even offer different traditional costumes at your place. It’s a great way for guests to have fun, dance, take amazing pictures. You as a business owner will benefit from a high engagement level.

2. Traditional Irish Party Game

Creating a party where your guests will compete in traditional games is one of the best St Patrick’s Day marketing ideas. The game list can include darts, croquet, or a ring toss tournament.

3. Irish Song Party

Throw an event that’ll allow guests to be immersed in the traditional Irish culture. Learning Irish songs and singing them in karaoke is a good idea. You can either charge for a class and go for extra-cash or throw it for free, and use it as one of the strategies to earn guests an offering from the marketing St Patrick’s Day menu.

4. Food Competition

Instead of cooking all the time by yourself, why not allow your customer to test his frying, baking, and chopping skills? Throw an Irish food cooking competition. Guests can compete in backing shepherd’s pies, frying fish and chips, or cooking potato dishes. Have your chef determine the winner and award him with a delicious special.


St. Patrick’s Day is an amazing promotional opportunity for bars and restaurants. There are dozens of St Patrick’s Day restaurant ideas, specials to cook, and games to play. Not only will you remember this day as one of the most fun and engaging – you’ll actually earning more on green beer sales and specials.

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Restaurant and bar owners can benefit a great deal from St. Patrick’s Day marketing. In this post, we’ll go over promotions and party ideas.

9 St. Patrick’s Day Promotion and Marketing Ideas for Retailers

St. Patrick’s Day is a couple of weeks away, and while it can sometimes seem that this Irish holiday is much bigger for bars or events spaces, the fact is, virtually any type of business can get into the St. Patrick’s Day fun.

And if you’re a retailer, this day presents a tremendous opportunity to win customers and sales. This year, the National Retail Federation anticipates St. Patrick’s Day spending to reach $6.16 billion — the highest in the survey’s history.

The majority of respodents (56%) said that they’re planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, though the figures are even higher for consumers from 18-34 years old. The NRF found that 73% of these shoppers plan to celebrate.

To help you get the most out of St. Patrick’s Day, here are 9 marketing and promotion ideas to try in your retail store.

1. Show your St. Patrick’s Day spirit through your window and in-store displays

The best way to show people your St. Patrick’s Day spirit is to… well, show them. Decorate your store for the occasion.

See to it that passers-by know that you’re celebrating the Irish holiday by decorating your window displays with the right props and merchandise. If you’re selling green or themed products, make sure they’re front and center. Check out what these retailers are doing:

A souvenir store in Manhattan filled its window display with tons of St. Patrick’s Day apparel and accessories to showcase their themed inventory.

Similarly, Sea Bags Maine, a store that sells tote bags and accessories, has their Luck of the Irish Collection front and center in their window display.

Consider doing the same thing in your store. If you’re selling green merchandise or if you have a collection that’s relevant to the holiday, display those products loud and proud in your shop.

2. Come up with St. Patrick’s Day collections

Another way to generate buzz is to come up with designs or collections specifically for St. Patrick’s Day. Limited edition designs or products work great because not only are they relevant to the season, but they’re not widely available all year which means you can promote a sense of exclusivity or urgency when selling them.

Check out ShanOre®, a store that sells Irish handcrafted jewelry. While Irish themes are common for the brand all year round, for St. Patrick’s Day, ShanOre is promoting their Shamrock Collection, which consists of beautiful jewelry featuring (you guessed) it shamrocks.

For best results, make an effort to drive up the excitement even before you release your collection. Build anticipation by talking it up in-store as well as on social media.

Have a look at what Happy Creek Chic did. To get their followers excited for their themed shirts, HCC posted an Instagram photo announcing that their shirts will be available soon.

3. Run a St. Patrick’s Day promotion

If it makes sense for your business, consider running a deal or promotion for St. Patrick’s Day. Look at what you have in stock and identify products that you need to move. Then, come up with a St. Patrick’s Day themed promotion.

You can, for example…

  • Tack a 17% discount on select products. St. Patrick’s is celebrated on or around March 17, so this is a good way to stay relevant.
  • Attach a shamrock to the products you want to move, and include a discount.
  • Offer a promotion to people who come into the store wearing something green.
  • Put your green merchandise on sale. This is bound to be a popular one. According to NRF’s St. Patrick’s Day survey, 79% of respondents plan to celebrate by wearing green.

Here’a great example of a retail putting this tip into action. Baylors Bow Tie Boutique, a store that sells dog bowties and flower collars, is running a promotion for their St. Patrick’s Day bowties.

4. Set up a dedicated section in your store

Make it easy for people to find your collections or promotions by having them all in a dedicated place in your store. If you have an ecommerce site, this means you should set up a “St. Patrick’s” category or page, and then promote it on your homepage with a special banner.

As for your physical shop, have a table or shelf specifically for St. Paddy’s merchandise. Check out this great example from Furry Friends Inc. on Pinterest:

5. Get your employees in on the fun

You could deck your whole store with green props and merchandise, but if your employees aren’t in on the St. Patrick’s Day fun, then your efforts will fall short.

So, let your employees to show their St. Paddy’s day spirit on and around the day itself. Get them to wear green; use props like pins or hats spice up their attire.

You can also encourage them to interact with shoppers celebrating the Irish holiday. Perhaps they can use it to start a conversation with customers.

Get creative. Meet with your staff and together, cook up ways to connect with customers on St. Patrick’s Day.

6. Talk to the party people

Parties and events are always popular on St. Patrick’s Day. That’s why if you’re selling merchandise that would work well for celebratory occasions — e.g., party outfits, dinnerware, food and beverages — make sure that these products are front and center.

You could even run a promotion around them. The ecommerce site RedBubble, for example, promoted T-shirts that people would want to wear at a St. Patrick’s Day event.

The retailer even created the promo code “PARTYON” which expires on St. Patrick’s Day.

6. Host an in-store event

If you have a highly engaged community, why not throw a St. Patrick’s Day event? Serve food and refreshments and come up with fun activities that attended can get into.

Here’s a great example from Hellbender Harley-Davidson

The dealership is hosting the Feeling Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Party & In-Store Poker Run , an on-site event where people can play poker (best and worst hands win), enjoy food and refreshments, and even get a photo with a real leprechaun.

7. Inspire people with ideas they can implement on St. Paddy’s Day (with your help)

Consumers celebrating St. Patrick’s Day are on the lookout for recipe, decor, or even outfit ideas. This gives you the perfect opportunity to share relevant content — particularly if you’re selling something that they can use.

For example, if you’re a food or homeware store, why not publish recipes or party guides for occasion? That’s what Williams Sonoma did in 2016, when it published the article How to Host a Memorable St. Patrick’s Day Feast .

Are you a fashion retailer? Why not put together some St. Paddy’s outfit ideas, like what Midsummer Originals is doing?

And when you publish your content, be sure to mention or link to any related products that you have, so shoppers can easily find and buy them.

8. Host a giveaway

Being lucky is a common theme for St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s something you can use to drive engagement (and possibly sales) around the holiday.

You can accomplish that through giveaways.

Encourage your customers to try their luck on St. Paddy’s Day by running a contest. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hide “treasures” in your store and award prizes to those who find them
  • Give away prizes to customers who are wearing green
  • Ask people to show you how they’re celebrating the holiday and give out prizes to the best participants
  • Give away a St. Paddy’s Day-themed product

Need inspiration? Here’s an example from Wild Flower Creations:

Final words

“Luck” may be a common theme for St. Patrick’s Day, but don’t rely on it alone to drive engagement and sales. If you want to “get the green” on or around March 17th, you need to act early (read: now) and prep your store and your staff.

We hope this posts helps you do that, and if you try these tips be sure to let us know!

What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Leave a comment below — we’d love to hear from you.

St. Paddy's is just around the corner! Looking for creative St. Patrick's Day Promotions and Marketing ideas? We've compiled a handful of tips and examples to try.