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How To Open the Big Win Safe in The Last Of Us 2

Hitting the jackpot in the Last of Us 2 with the Big Win safe is easy as opening it will give the Hunting Pistol, and here’s how to do it.

In the Last of Us 2, safes are a great source of items, and more importantly, new equipment, and the Big Win safe is no exception here with the Hunting Pistol being the reward. There are other safes strewn across the game, and the pistol is a major weapon Abby needs early on. Some of the big enemies like Bloaters and Shamblers will seem less threatening with it by Abby’s side. It’s also a useful long-range weapon which means missing this safe is not an option.

The Hunting Pistol has, on top of it being a strong ranged weapon with its 4x scope, an ability that, when unlocked, allows Abby to craft bullets for it. With ammo being few and far between, especially on harder difficulties, this is a lifesaver of epic proportions. If there is a gun that needs stocking up consistently, it’s the pistol. As powerful as it is, the big drawback is the aim where players need to be extremely accurate with it. We recommend taking the opportunity to do a quick practice with it after getting it to get used to it early on before heading to harder areas like the hospital where every bullet is going to count against the bigger enemies. But first, we need to get to the safe so let’s get to it.

How To Find The Combination For The Big Win Safe In Last Of Us 2

Before opening the safe, we have to find the code to unlock it. During the Seattle – Day 1: On Foot chapter after leaving the stadium, Abby needs to escape from the warehouse that has the boat in it. Head to the roof with Mel, and then go down the stairs to the outside the building. Once there, a beige portable will be in the middle of the area. Throw a bottle or brick to smash a window, then hop inside. After some searching, Abby will find the coin for Indiana, and one of the walls will have a corkboard with a lotto ticket that has the Big Win safe combination circled in red on it. To make sure that players get the right code, it’s 17-37-07.

How To Find The Big Win Safe In The Last Of Us 2

After getting the combination, go through the door of the portable. Head through the opening in the chain-link fence directly ahead and look to the right. There will be a crack in the wall big enough for Abby to go through. The safe is on the left side of the room. Use the combination from the lotto ticket on the safe, and open up it up by using the directional pad. The “Big Win” here is the Hunting Pistol that does huge damage on enemies but has a slow reload speed using one bullet at a time. Don’t forget to search the entire room as well because there are plenty of items to pick up around the place and inside the safe.

The Last Of Us 2 is available on PS4.

Hitting the jackpot in the Last of Us 2 with the Big Win safe is easy as opening it will give the Hunting Pistol, and here’s how to do it.