the experience las vegas 2020

The experience las vegas 2020

November 19, 20 & 21, 2020 at Caesars Forum, in Las Vegas, NV – HAS BEEN CANCELLED!

From the very beginning of COVID-19 in March 2020, the EXPERIENCE Events, LLC has been carefully monitoring the spread of the virus across our country and around the world. We have worked hard to bring the latest information and technology to our industry online, and we are very proud of the way our industry has responded to this crisis. Our industry, YOU, are on the frontline helping people solve issues with the virus in their environments.

Due to our concerns for the health and safety of our exhibitors, attendees and staff members, The EXPERIENCE Convention and Trade Show has had ongoing discussions with Governor’s Office in Nevada, The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Caesars Entertainment. We have determined that we cannot hold a safe convention or trade show in person because there are too many health and safety variables and outside issues.

We are aware that attendees and exhibitors have expressed that they want to meet – Safely – in person this year, (we agree), but the Governor of Nevada currently will not allow any meetings over 50 attendees to take place and may not expand restrictions until 2021.

Looking Forward
Our staff is working diligently to begin implementing the next steps to take in moving forward. We are anticipating that our next in-person show will be in Charleston, SC, April 19-21, 2021. We are beginning the process to activate our website to move registrations and supporters to that show.

The EXPERIENCE has new information, technology, hands on demonstrations and protocols to share with the industry now. We have tried diligently to hold a convention to share this information but now have moved forward with Educational Events at the EXPERIENCE University Online that started September 2nd and runs weekly on Wednesdays. The EXPERIENCE University is open and thriving to bring you our educational programming packed full of important information for the Cleaning and Restoration Industry.

The EXPERIENCE University
The EXPERIENCE University weekly Wednesday webinars will be in lieu of a 2 or 3 day-long event online. The weekly webinars will cover the educational information that would have been covered at the in-person event in Las Vegas this year. The classes will vary from 45-60 minute timelines for recorded events and up to 3.5 hour for live events. There are 28 weeks of education information being presented online through February 2021. The programs will bring you a full spectrum of up-to-date information to help your company during these times and to assist in your continued growth.

We invite you and your team to join us every Wednesday through February 2021 for these weekly series. These training sessions are great for your company teams. Continued Educational Credits are available through IICRC for participating in the weekly webinars.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities for round table discussion, prizes for participation, vendor introductions with product presentations and great hands on learning. This is what The Experience is known for!

Stronger Together – An Industry United
This year more than ever, The EXPERIENCE wants to welcome new and returning exhibitors, attendees, and partners of the Cleaning and Restoration Industry to attend our events and webinars. It is more important now to share our knowledge, lessons learned and work together so we can come out of this pandemic stronger as an industry together!

Health & Safety
Your health and safety are of utmost importance to us. We will keep you informed and up- to-date with information regarding future events and we appreciate everyone’s commitment and support of the EXPERIENCE.

We look forward to seeing you in APRIL in Charleston, South Carolina – THANK YOU!

You won’t find more hands-on, interactive, educational programs anywhere in the Cleaning and Restoration Industry! If you have any questions, please call THE EXPERIENCE, INC. at 888-881-1001 x 102, for more information. THANK YOU!

The experience las vegas 2020 November 19, 20 & 21, 2020 at Caesars Forum, in Las Vegas, NV – HAS BEEN CANCELLED! From the very beginning of COVID-19 in March 2020, the EXPERIENCE Events,