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Ohio Lottery Launches INTRALOT’s The Lucky One Monitor Game

The Ohio Lottery has released a new quick draw game called “The Lucky One,” which is its second game in its monitor portfolio. Every four minutes, a single number between 1 and 36 is picked. Players spend $1 and have three bet type options: Lucky Number (the player picks one number), high/low, or odd/even. The payout differs depending on the bet type. Picking the Lucky Number has a payout of 66.7%. Both high/low and odd/even, with odds of 1 in 2, have payouts of 75%.

The beauty of the game is its simplicity. Keno, with its 10/20/80 matrix, can be intimidating for new players, but The Lucky One play style is self-evident to almost anyone. “The Lucky One presents an opportunity to attract and engage younger audiences, who are drawn to the simplicity and low-skill requirements of these types of games, as well as audiences who may have been intimidated by the perceived complexity of Keno,” Connie Miller, Deputy Director of Operations, Ohio Lottery said.

INTRALOT USA, the vendor operating the lottery’s system as well as game creator, agreed. “The current quick draw game category requires an extended display of results that are not conducive to traditional retail and allow those types of retailers to have success with a quick draw game where players don’t need to view an extended play or animated draw,” Scott Hoss, Senior Marketing Manager, INTRALOT USA said.
“Some preliminary research indicated that core players love the game because of its simplicity and its uniqueness. In terms of demographics, it was mostly younger men that showed most interest in the concept and therefore it has great potential as a social game,” Fivi Rondiri, Corporate Marketing Manager, INTRALOT USA said.

“We believe that numbers games players will also gravitate toward the game. We also think that new players will like and understand the game easily,” Hoss added.

Early sales indication suggests their logic is correct. Sales are averaging $100,000 a day over the first 42 days. The lottery expects approximately $27 million for fiscal 2018.


The new potential audience is a big influence behind the marketing campaign. With a leather jacket, a half a sleeve of tattoos and a bandana, the Lucky One Character, dubbed Lucky Lucy, takes elements from multiple eras to create something distinctly modern. “The goal was to create equity in a trendy, retro millennial character who can extend game awareness into social channels and bars/taverns through a variety of short-and-long term promotional tactics, “ Miller explained.

The Ohio Lottery utilized the character early in it social media outreach campaign by posting invitations to The Lucky One parties on its various platforms as well at venue POS and radio. Players were also invited to submit pictures of themselves with Lucky Lucy at the lottery parties, which were then subsequently posted on the Ohio Lottery’s Facebook page.

“Parties provide fun sampling and training opportunities that break down the barriers to participation and allow you to get real-time feedback from current and potential customers,” Miller said.

Historically, adding a second monitor game hasn’t been successful for U.S. lotteries (excluding Maryland). But with the double-digit growth of Keno for the past several years, the Ohio Lottery believes players are eager for additional options. “We wanted to capture that excitement and continue to entice that player base with an additional monitor game. The goal of adding The Lucky One was to offer something new and different enough to appeal to new and current players and ensure that Keno sales would not be negatively impacted,” Miller said.

“The second game needs to be different. The goal is not to cannibalize sales but rather offer something new and exciting that will appeal to existing and new players. It just needs to be unique and simple— exactly what Lucky One is,” Rondiri added.

Some cannibalization should always be expected when adding a second game to a category. The forecasts for The Lucky One’s effect on Keno is small. The lottery is calculating over the long run a 7% cannibalization of Keno and overall monitor category lift of 3%.

Other Jurisdictions?

INTRALOT believe this game is not exclusively a monitor game due to its simple nature. “It can also be offered through the regular lottery retail network because the lottery can easily display the one drawn number on all Player Advertising Displays (PADs),” Rondiri said.

“We believe this product could be offered by most lotteries. It is not necessary that an animated draw be shown on a monitor so those lotteries that are not allowed to play monitor games or Keno could play this game,” Hoss continued.

Ohio Lottery Launches INTRALOT’s The Lucky One Monitor Game The Ohio Lottery has released a new quick draw game called “The Lucky One,” which is its second game in its monitor portfolio. Every

D.C. Mun. Regs. tit. 30 § 911

The Agency may offer a one (1) digit keno style monitor game using a fixed payout known as The Lucky One®.

For each The Lucky One® drawing, one (1) winning number is chosen out of a field of thirty-six (36) numbers that are selected by a random number generator. The winning number is displayed at the end of each The Lucky One® drawing on the player monitor.

The Lucky One® players will have the option of selecting a single number, multiple numbers, high/low and/or odd/even.

The bet(s) that a player selects for each The Lucky One® drawing are printed on The Lucky One® Ticket, along with the date(s) of the drawing(s) the type of bet(s), the number of plays, the identifying number for each such drawing, the price of The Lucky One ® Ticket, a retailer number, a serial number, and a bar code.

The Lucky One® drawings will occur every four (4) minutes during the following periods:

(a) 12:02 a.m. to 1:58 a.m. (b) 6:06 a.m. to 11:58 p.m. (c) Other The Lucky One® drawing times and intervals may be designated by the Executive Director and made available to agents and the public in game instructions issued pursuant to Chapter 8 of this Title. 911.6

A player may wager on three (3) different bet types in a single The Lucky One® game:

(a) LUCKY NUMBER – The player selects one (1) number up to ten (10) numbers from the range of 1-36. The Quick Pick option is only available for single number wagers. Minimum bet per play is one dollar ($1). The maximum bet per play is fifty dollars ($50). The wager options are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, $30, $50. Example: Player selects numbers 1 and 13, wager $10. Total cost will be 2 plays X $10 = $20. (b) HIGH/LOW – The player selects if the number drawn will be High or Low or uses the Quick Pick option. Low numbers are 1-18 (one through eighteen); High numbers are 19-36 (nineteen through thirty-six). Minimum bet per play is one dollar ($1). The maximum bet per play is $50. The wager options are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, $30, $50. (c) ODD/EVEN – The player selects if the number drawn will be Odd or Even or uses the Quick Pick option. Minimum bet per play is one dollar ($1). The maximum bet per play is $50. The wager options are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, $30, $50. Odd and Even numbers are defined as follows: (1) Odd numbers: one (1), three (3), five (5), seven (7), nine (9), eleven (11), thirteen (13), fifteen (15), seventeen (17), nineteen (19), twenty-one (21), twenty-three (23), twenty-five (25), twenty-seven (27), twenty- nine (29), thirty-one (31), thirty-three (33), and thirty-five (35). (2) Even numbers: two (2), four (4), six (6), eight (8), ten (10), twelve (12), fourteen (14), sixteen (16), eighteen (18), twenty (20), twenty-two (22), twenty-four (24), twenty-six (26), twenty-eight (28), thirty (30), thirty-two (32), thirty- four (34), and thirty-six (36). 911.7

A player selects up to twenty (20) consecutive The Lucky One® draws for each The Lucky One ® game on a single The Lucky One ® Ticket.

A ticket which is printed in error for The Lucky One® game may be cancelled only on the date purchased and prior to the next drawing. The tickets shall be voided only by the issuing agent and at the terminal that printed the ticket. The player may request a refund or a replacement ticket. If for any reason the terminal that issued the ticket is inoperable prior to the next drawing, the player’s sole recourse shall be a refund of the ticket price.

Each ticket may contain multiple bet types, and wager amounts for each bet type can vary by bet type. Example : $5 wager on the Lucky Number, $2 on Odd and $20 on High.

The minimum The Lucky One ® ticket price for a consecutive drawing is two dollars ($2), $1 x 2 consecutive drawings or $2. The maximum The Lucky One® ticket price for consecutive drawings may not exceed two hundred eight dollars ($208.00). A selection slip indicating a price greater than two hundred eight dollars ($208.00) shall be rejected automatically by the terminal.

If a player has games remaining on a The Lucky One® ticket at the close of daily The Lucky One® operations, the remaining games shall be played and drawn at the start of operations the next day.

D.C. Mun. Regs. Tit. 30, § 911

Final Rulemaking published at 39 DCR 7439, 7463 (October 2, 1992); amended by Final Rulemaking published at 65 DCR 5669 (May 18, 2018)

Read Rule 30-911 – DESCRIPTION OF THE LUCKY ONE[®], D.C. Mun. Regs. tit. 30 § 911, see flags on bad law, and search Casetext’s comprehensive legal database