video lottery terminal

VLT – Video Lottery

MLT™ Multi Lottery Terminal – the VLT solution from AMATIC

VLT is a server-based gaming system designed to fit multiple operation scenarios, including specialized custom workflows and wide area online gaming processes.

The AMATIC MLT™ Video Lottery solution perfectly combines security, transparency, simplicity and flexibility. All features and mathematics are performed by the server, leaving the gaming machines to simply portray the game on the screens.

Game servers are the central part of the system. They run in real-time and provide connected terminals with game logic and system software. Each connected gaming machine provides real gaming experience. Players can enjoy their favorite AMATIC game whilst operators can adjust the integrated software according their individual needs.

Server-based gaming is a prerequisite to operate Video Lottery Terminals. Here AMATIC Industries has a wealth of experience. The game server handles the complete process online in real time, including the machine payment management system. A customer-friendly platform caters for increased customer acceptance. In fact, it is this server-based element that provides flexibility for all concerned. The player gets variety of game play, the operator has instant control of game changes and the jurisdiction is rewarded with complete transparency.

Integrating VLT is a highly complex matter and thus only a handful of major gaming manufacturers are able to offer the right solution. Certificates of independent test laboratories prove reliability and secure operation of the AMATIC MLT™ solution. Server-based gaming allows operators better earning possibilities, players more choice and governments more control. Thereby, all people involved in the chain benefit.

AMATIC`s Video Lottery works online only and incorporates sophisticated security features. All operation levels allow unlimited reporting possibilities that bring great advantages to a host of company departments, such as financial, marketing and sales.

Summed up, MLT™ from AMATIC Industries is an excellent and powerful VLT solution with high security and maximum revenue possibilities.

VLT – Video Lottery MLT™ Multi Lottery Terminal – the VLT solution from AMATIC VLT is a server-based gaming system designed to fit multiple operation scenarios, including specialized custom

Definition of Video lottery terminal

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Examples of Video lottery terminal in a sentence

PART 5119Video Lottery Terminal Component StandardsSection5119.1 Terminal identification requirements 5119.2 Video lottery terminal drop boxes 5119.3 Voucher standards § 5119.1. Terminal identification requirements.

Video lottery terminal sales agents shall develop internal guidelines and controls for the purpose of giving minority business enterprises the ability to compete for the awarding of contracts to provide goods and services to those sales agents.

Almost 100 percent of the respondents stated that Video lottery terminal legislation would have a positive affect on the industry.

Video lottery terminal hardware and software requirements; hardware specifications; software requirements for randomness testing; software requirements for percentage payout; software requirements for continuation of video lottery game after malfunction; software requirements for play transaction records.

Video lottery terminal income means credit(s) played, less value credits, less video lottery prize winnings.

Define Video lottery terminal. means any electronic computerized video game machine that, upon the insertion of cash, is available to play a video game authorized by the lottery division, and which uses a video display and microprocessors in which, by chance, the player may receive free games or credits that can be redeemed for cash. The term does not include a machine that directly dispenses coins, cash, or tokens.