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How to Play Slot Machines

In the not-too-distant past, slot-machine players were the second-class citizens of casino customers. Jackpots were small, payout percentages were horrendous, and slot players just weren’t eligible for the kind of complimentary bonuses — free rooms, shows, meals — commonly given to table players. But in the last few decades the face of the casino industry has changed. Nowadays more than 70 percent of casino revenues comes from slot machines, and in many jurisdictions, that figure tops 80 percent.

About 80 percent of first-time visitors to casinos head for the slots. It’s easy — just drop coins into the slot and push the button or pull the handle. Newcomers can find the personal interaction with dealers or other players at the tables intimidating — slot players avoid that. And besides, the biggest, most lifestyle-changing jackpots in the casino are offered on the slots.

The following article will tell you everything you need to know about slots, from the basics to various strategies. We’ll start at square one, with a primer on how playing slot machines works.

How to Play

The most popular slots are penny and nickel video games along with quarter and dollar reel-spinning games, though there are video games in 2-cent, 10-cent, quarter, and dollar denominations and reel spinners up to $100. Most reel spinners take up to two or three coins at a time while video slots can take 45, 90, and even 500 credits at a time.

Nearly all slot machines are fitted with currency acceptors — slide a bill into the slot, and the equivalent amount of credits is displayed on a meter. On reel-spinning slots, push a button marked “play one credit” until you’ve reached the number of coins you wish to play. Then hit the “spin reels” button, or pull the handle on those few slots that still have handles, or hit a button marked “play max credits,” which will play the maximum coins allowed on that machine.

On video slots, push one button for the number of paylines you want to activate, and a second button for the number of credits wagered per line. One common configuration has nine paylines on which you can bet 1 to 5 credits. Video slots are also available with 5, 15, 20, 25, even 50 paylines, accepting up to 25 coins per line.

Many reel-spinning machines have a single payout line painted across the center of the glass in front of the reels. Others have three payout lines, even five payout lines, each corresponding to a coin played. The symbols that stop on a payout line determine whether a player wins. A common set of symbols might be cherries, bars, double bars (two bars stacked atop one another), triple bars, and sevens.

A single cherry on the payout line, for example, might pay back two coins; the player might get 10 coins for three of any bars (a mixture of bars, double bars, and triple bars), 30 for three single bars, 60 for three double bars, 120 for three triple bars, and the jackpot for three sevens. However, many of the stops on each reel will be blanks, and a combination that includes blanks pays nothing. Likewise, a seven is not any bar, so a combination such as bar-seven-double bar pays nothing.

Video slots typically have representations of five reels spinning on a video screen. Paylines not only run straight across the reels but also run in V’s, upside down V’s, and zigs and zags across the screen. Nearly all have at least five paylines, and most have more — up to 50 lines by the mid-2000s.

In addition, video slots usually feature bonus rounds and “scatter pays.” Designated symbols trigger a scatter pay if two, three, or more of them appear on the screen, even if they’re not on the same payline.

Similarly, special symbols will trigger a bonus event. The bonus may take the form of a number of free spins, or the player may be presented with a “second screen” bonus. An example of a second screen bonus comes in the long-popular WMS Gaming Slot “Jackpot Party.” If three Party noisemakers appear on the video reels, the reels are replaced on the screen with a grid of packages in gift wrapping. The player touches the screen to open a package and collects a bonus payout. He or she may keep touching packages for more bonuses until one package finally reveals a “pooper,” which ends the round. The popularity of such bonus rounds is why video slots have become the fastest growing casino game of the last decade.

When you hit a winning combination, winnings will be added to the credit meter. If you wish to collect the coins showing on the meter, hit the button marked “Cash Out,” and on most machines, a bar-coded ticket will be printed out that can be redeemed for cash. In a few older machines, coins still drop into a tray.


Many slot players pump money into two or more adjacent machines at a time, but if the casino is crowded and others are having difficulty finding places to play, limit yourself to one machine. As a practical matter, even in a light crowd, it’s wise not to play more machines than you can watch over easily. Play too many and you could find yourself in the situation faced by the woman who was working up and down a row of six slots. She was dropping coins into machine number six while number one, on the aisle, was paying a jackpot. There was nothing she could do as a passerby scooped a handful of coins out of the first tray.

Sometimes players taking a break for the rest room will tip a chair against the machine, leave a coat on the chair, or leave some other sign that they’ll be back. Take heed of these signs. A nasty confrontation could follow if you play a machine that has already been thus staked out.


Payout percentages have risen since the casinos figured out it’s more profitable to hold 5 percent of a dollar than 8 percent of a quarter or 10 percent of a nickel. In most of the country, slot players can figure on about a 93 percent payout percentage, though payouts in Nevada run higher. Las Vegas casinos usually offer the highest average payouts of all — better than 95 percent. Keep in mind that these are long-term averages that will hold up over a sample of 100,000 to 300,000 pulls.

In the short term, anything can happen. It’s not unusual to go 20 or 50 or more pulls without a single payout on a reel-spinning slot, though payouts are more frequent on video slots. Nor is it unusual for a machine to pay back 150 percent or more for several dozen pulls. But in the long run, the programmed percentages will hold up.

The change in slots has come in the computer age, with the development of the microprocessor. Earlier slot machines were mechanical, and if you knew the number of stops — symbols or blank spaces that could stop on the payout line–on each reel, you could calculate the odds on hitting the top jackpot. If a machine had three reels, each with ten stops, and one symbol on each reel was for the jackpot, then three jackpot symbols would line up, on the average, once every 10310310 pulls, or 1,000 pulls.

On those machines, the big payoffs were $50 or $100–nothing like the big numbers slot players expect today. On systems that electronically link machines in several casinos, progressive jackpots reach millions of dollars.

The microprocessors driving today’s machines are programmed with random-number generators that govern winning combinations. It no longer matters how many stops are on each reel. If we fitted that old three-reel, ten-stop machine with a microprocessor, we could put ten jackpot symbols on the first reel, ten on the second, and nine on the third, and still program the random-number generator so that three jackpot symbols lined up only once every 1,000 times, or 10,000 times. And on video slots, reel strips can be programmed to be as long as needed to make the odds of the game hit at a desired percentage. They are not constrained by a physical reel.

Each possible combination is assigned a number, or numbers. When the random-number generator receives a signal — anything from a coin being dropped in to the handle being pulled — it sets a number, and the reels stop on the corresponding combination.

Between signals, the random-number generator operates continuously, running through dozens of numbers per second. This has two practical effects for slot players. First, if you leave a machine, then see someone else hit a jackpot shortly thereafter, don’t fret. To hit the same jackpot, you would have needed the same split-second timing as the winner. The odds are overwhelming that if you had stayed at the machine, you would not have hit the same combination.

Second, because the combinations are random, or as close to random as is possible to set the program, the odds of hitting any particular combination are the same on every pull. If a machine is programmed to pay out its top jackpot, on the average, once every 10,000 pulls, your chances of hitting it are one in 10,000 on any given pull. If you’ve been standing there for days and have played 10,000 times, the odds on the next pull will still be one in 10,000. Those odds are long-term averages. In the short term, the machine could go 100,000 pulls without letting loose of the big one, or it could pay it out twice in a row.

So, is there a way to ensure that you hit it big on a slot machine? Not really, but despite the overriding elements of chance, there are some strategies you can employ. We’ll cover these in the next section.

Because most players do not understand how slot machines work, whole sets of beliefs have grown over when to play a machine and when to avoid it. Little truth is in any of them. Here’s a look at some of the more pervasive slot myths:

Change machines after a big jackpot — the machine won’t be due to hit again for some time. From a money-management standpoint, it makes sense to lock up the profits from a big hit and move on. But the machine is not “due” to turn cold. In fact, the odds against the same jackpot hitting on the next pull are the same as they were the first time.

Play a machine that has gone a long time without paying off — it is due to hit. Slot machines are never “due.” Playing through a long losing streak all too frequently results in a longer losing streak.

Casinos place “hot” machines on the aisles. This belief is so widespread that end machines get a good deal of play regardless of how they pay. It is true that not all machines in the same casino are programmed with the same payback percentage. And it’s true that casinos want other customers to see winners. But slot placement is more complex than just placing the hot ones at the ends of aisles.

The payback percentage is lowered when the crowds are bigger and demand is greater. It’s not that easy to change a machine’s programming. Changing the programmed payback percentage requires opening the machine and replacing a computer chip. That’s not something to do cavalierly.

Slot machines have become the game of choice when it comes to casino gambling. Learn how to play slot machines.

The Wheel of Jackpots

Welcome to The Wheel of Jackpots!

Videoslots offers three exclusive jackpots:

  • Mega Jackpot
  • Major Jackpot
  • Mini Jackpot

To be able to win one of the jackpots you need to win a spin in The Wheel of Jackpots. With a spin you will get a spin on one of our nine wheels.

You can win spins by completing achievements in “My Achievements”. When you complete an achievement, you win a trophy. Behind some of the trophies you can win spins that are randomly hidden behind them.

Below you can see the current jackpots, latest winners and read about our different wheels and prizes.

Name Date Prize
Van 25/11/20 GBP 529.50
Paula 24/11/20 GBP 9,082.02
Tamer 24/11/20 EUR 14,901.03
Tony Jan Åke 22/11/20 SEK 6,508.96
fdds sdfhae 19/11/20 EUR 407.99
Jaana Denise Annikki 18/11/20 SEK 2,645.52
Wichit 18/11/20 SEK 8,733.61
Phil 13/11/20 GBP 193.05
Mariusz 13/11/20 GBP 207.64
Gedvile 13/11/20 GBP 341.14
Sašo 12/11/20 EUR 388.71
Dale 11/11/20 CAD 308.30
Luke 11/11/20 GBP 364.36
Stephane 10/11/20 CAD 2,011.90
kirsti 08/11/20 EUR 6,979.60
Christoph 03/11/20 EUR 22,645.54
Johnny Brian 02/11/20 DKK 2,240.77
Markus 02/11/20 EUR 367.57
Julia 01/11/20 EUR 314.10
Guel 31/10/20 EUR 426.60
Mia Elisabeth 30/10/20 SEK 4,689.87
Shilan 28/10/20 SEK 2,986.16
Angelique 28/10/20 EUR 315.39
Dai Tran Dan 27/10/20 DKK 1,503.22
Emil Ensio 27/10/20 SEK 4,734.72
david 26/10/20 GBP 201.72
Srecko 25/10/20 SEK 2,677.65
Johan Michael 25/10/20 SEK 3,993.32
Håkan Ibert 24/10/20 SEK 2,255.70
Rene 24/10/20 EUR 370.78
Lars Robin 23/10/20 SEK 2,836.04
Huuuja 23/10/20 EUR 261.43
Abdalaziz 22/10/20 EUR 594.43
Rob 19/10/20 CAD 345.95
Jörgen Leif 19/10/20 SEK 4,476.65
Blair 18/10/20 EUR 972.34
Benjamin 17/10/20 EUR 6,046.79
monika 13/10/20 EUR 456.82
mohammed 11/10/20 GBP 228.79
Tine 10/10/20 EUR 276.98
James 10/10/20 GBP 216.25
Paul 10/10/20 CAD 506.72
Janne 09/10/20 EUR 319.22
Juha-Matti 09/10/20 EUR 273.27
Emmanuel 08/10/20 EUR 658.20
Jani 05/10/20 EUR 907.44
Liban mohamed 03/10/20 SEK 10,522.98
Magnus 03/10/20 DKK 8,362.29
Sabrina 03/10/20 EUR 1,239.09
Samantha 02/10/20 GBP 4,259.42
Henrik 01/10/20 DKK 1,553.60
Anton 01/10/20 GBP 208.36
Alexander 01/10/20 SEK 2,634.08
lyndsay 01/10/20 GBP 187.72
Anneli Katarina 01/10/20 SEK 10,398.20
Antonio 26/09/20 EUR 262.92
Lill Merete 26/09/20 NOK 92,260.20
Noar 26/09/20 SEK 4,767.78
Gabriella 25/09/20 EUR 811.57
Dariusz 24/09/20 EUR 2,516.92
Jamie 20/09/20 GBP 253.82
Zoran 20/09/20 EUR 591.56
Chaiyachet 19/09/20 SEK 20,757.65
Dominik 17/09/20 EUR 742.81
Sven 16/09/20 EUR 1,040.01
Matiss 16/09/20 EUR 3,817.32
Gregorio 14/09/20 SEK 116,056.50
Doris 13/09/20 EUR 677.21
Glenn Tommy 10/09/20 SEK 4,213.36
Monica Helen 09/09/20 SEK 2,889.44
Mika-Markus 08/09/20 EUR 836.46
Christian Munk 07/09/20 DKK 25,184.72
Britt Åsa Susanne 04/09/20 SEK 2,324.72
Ovidiu 04/09/20 GBP 250.48
Sarah 03/09/20 EUR 310.75
Kent Thomas Alexander 02/09/20 SEK 5,235.48
Carl Åke Mattias 01/09/20 SEK 23,624.75
Paulina 01/09/20 GBP 279.68
Danut 31/08/20 GBP 532.63
Jeanette Eva Maria 29/08/20 SEK 45,163.29
Melina judith 29/08/20 EUR 306.20
Melanie 28/08/20 EUR 5,311.53
Ryan 21/08/20 GBP 2,687.81
Kalid 21/08/20 SEK 148,772.58
Daniel 20/08/20 EUR 492.81
Ramil 17/08/20 EUR 367.09
SILVIU-ALEXANDRU 16/08/20 EUR 244.81
Nathan 16/08/20 GBP 493.19
Annika 09/08/20 SEK 4,514.44
Phichayanin 07/08/20 SEK 4,238.60
Anna 06/08/20 EUR 2,093.50
lisa 04/08/20 GBP 750.26
Benjamin 31/07/20 GBP 196.23
Ahmet 30/07/20 EUR 4,906.18
Henryk 28/07/20 EUR 744.22
Igor 23/07/20 SEK 9,905.01
Simone 30/06/20 EUR 580.43
Steven Sebastian Johan 28/06/20 SEK 6,489.00
Zümbü 24/06/20 EUR 2,131.61
Jessica Emilia 19/06/20 SEK 3,252.53

* 20% of the Jackpot win will seed the following Jackpot and 80% of the Jackpot value will be credited to the player’s account.

The Wheel of Jackpots: XP

The XP Wheels

For every 5th XP level you complete (including Level 21), you will win an XP trophy. All trophies can be found under “My Achievements”.

Randomly XP trophies you win will grant you a spin in one of our “XP Wheels”.

Different XP levels that you win will grant you access to different types of wheels. To find out about all the different wheels on each of the levels, have a look at the table below:



XP Level

The Wheel of Jackpots: Games

The Game Wheels

In selected games which you can find under “My Achievements” you can win trophies and spins to our “Game Wheels”. We have two types of “Game Wheels”.

The “Blue Wheel”

To win a spin in the Blue Wheel you need to win hidden spins that are placed behind random trophies in a game.

The “Red Wheel”

The Red Wheel is accessible once you have won all the trophies in a game.



Where to find it

The Wheel of Jackpots: Global

The Global Wheel

To get access to “The Global Wheel” you need to win a spin to the green wheel, which are hidden behind trophies in the following categories:

Go to “My achievements” > and in Category choose “Activity”, “Spins & Wins” or “Weekend Booster & Clashes”.



Where to find it

The Wheel of Jackpots: Prizes

The below prizes can be won in the above wheels. Not all prizes are available in every wheel. During your journey at Videoslots you will get more acquainted with which types of prizes can be achieved on the different wheels available.

In addition, regardless of what XP level you are on, you can still win a spin to a higher XP wheel.



The visual design of The Wheel of Jackpots does not represent the actual chance of winning. The probability of achieving any of The Wheel of Jackpot rewards is not equal.

The Wheel of Jackpots: Terms and conditions

  • These Terms and Conditions form part of and are an extension of the General Terms and Conditions at If and where there is a conflict between these Terms & Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions which relates specifically to the Wheel of Jackpots, these Terms & Conditions will take precedence.
  • The Wheel of Jackpots is considered as a limited promotion and does not form part of any game’s Return to Player (RTP).
  • If you have an active bonus, The Wheel of Jackpots cannot be played.
  • If more than one person accesses the “Wheel of Jackpots” at the same time, it will be the spin which is first processed by our servers that will have priority over the Jackpot prize.
  • Only one person can win the jackpot at the same time. Videoslots reserves the right to make a final decision in any occasion where more than one player claims to have won the Jackpot at any one time.
  • The minimum win from the “Mini Jackpot” is two hundred fifty Euro (€250), the “Major Jackpot” one thousand two hundred fifty Euro’s (€1,250) and the “Mega Jackpot” two thousand five hundred Euro’s (€2,500).All winnings are paid out to the player’s chosen currency.
  • You have 7 days to use your “The Wheel of Jackpot” reward, if not used within 7 days your reward/spin will expire. The 7-day duration will begin immediately once the reward has been received into the player Account.
  • You need to have made at least one deposit to receive rewards or Jackpot winnings from The Wheel of Jackpots.
  • All winnings from the Wheel of Jackpots will be transferred to your Account Balance and shall be available for you to withdraw at any time.
  • Technical errors will void any winnings.
  • * 20% of the Jackpot win will seed the following Jackpot and 80% of the Jackpot value will be credited to the player’s account.
  • All Jackpots are wager free.
  • The “Mini Jackpot” will receive 15% of the Jackpot contribution, the “Major Jackpot” will receive 35% of the Jackpot contribution and “Mega Jackpot” 50% of the Jackpot contribution.
  • All games from the categories “Video Slots” and “Slots” will seed the Jackpot with 0.5% of the house edge from every bet. For example, if a game has an RTP of 96%, this implies that 4% of all wagers will be returned to the house. 0.5% of the remaining 4% (equating to 0.02%) will then be used to seed the Jackpot.
  • To enter and play the “Wheel of Jackpots” you need to be rewarded with a “Wheel of Jackpots” reward. These rewards can be collected by completing achievements associated with games on the website.
  • You can access these achievements under “My profile” -> “My achievements”.
  • This version of The Wheel of Jackpots is excluded for customers from Sweden and Denmark.

How to earn XP (Experience Points)

  • You earn XP for every bet you make in our Slots and Video Slots, except for in Progressive Jackpot games.
  • How much XP you earn per € 1 wagered is based on a specific game’s RTP (return to players), for example a game with 96% RTP gives you 1 XP, a game with 95% RTP contributes 125% to the XP giving you 1.25 XP, while a game with 97% RTP contributes 75% giving you 0.75 XP for every € 1 wagered.
  • Every 0.01% over 96% RTP of a specific game gives 0.25% less (max 75%) contribution to the XP. Every 0.01% under 96% RTP of a specific game gives 0.25% extra (max 75%) to the contribution of the XP. You can find all games’ RTPs on this page, please select “Theoretical” view of the RTP and not “Actual” view.
  • Some examples are:
    • if Gonzo’s Quest would have a 96% RTP so it contributes 100% to the XP. For example, if you wager € 20 in Gonzo Quest, this will give you 20 XP.
    • if Starburst would have a 96.1% RTP so it contributes 97.5% to the XP. For example, if you wager € 20 in Starburst, this will give you 19.5 XP.
    • if Irish Eyes 2 would have a 95% RTP so it contributes 125% to the XP. For example, if you wager € 20 in Irish Eyes 2, this will give you 25 XP.
  • No game can contribute less than 25% or more than 175% to earn 1 XP.

What is “Return to Players” (RTP) mentioned above?

The “Return to Players” or shortened “RTP”, is to describe a game’s theoretical payout percentage, such as how much of all wagered money that game will pay back to players over time. RTP is typically expressed as a percentage, like 96%, which would mean that out of every € 100 bet, the player may expect to receive € 96 back in winnings. It’s important to understand when it says that 96% of money put in is returned to player, it doesn’t say which player gets the money. You can hit a big win on your first bet or be as unlucky to never win anything, it’s all randomized. But in the long run, 96% of all the bets put into the game is paid out as winnings to the players playing the specific game. Another important factor when describing RTP is variance. Some games have a high variance, this means that the game has a low hit frequency, but when hit, you will more often win big in comparison with a slot that has low variance. Games that have a low variance, have a high hit frequency with a lot of smaller wins.

When we mention RTP in the text, we mean “Theoretical Return to Players” (TRTP).

The Wheel of Jackpots Welcome to The Wheel of Jackpots! Videoslots offers three exclusive jackpots: Mega Jackpot Major Jackpot Mini Jackpot To be able to