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PA Lottery VIP Players Club Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been to the Pennsylvania Lottery website, you have probably noticed that they offer a VIP Players Club. But is it a VIP program at all or just a glorified player hub?

In this post, we take a look a look at the PA Lottery VIP Club, what you can find in the program and some things you may not know about the program.

What is the PA Lottery VIP Players Club?

Many VIP programs in the world of gaming have a central theme: play games to earn rewards based on the amount you play. Unfortunately, the PA Lottery VIP Players Club is not that, at least yet. For now, the PA Lottery VIP Player’s Club is primarily a central hub where you to manage your PA Lottery account and keep up with what is going on in the PA lottery as well as enter Second Chance Drawings and monitor Coupon Codes.

How do I sign up for the PA Lottery VIP Players Club?

PA Lottery players can create a VIP Players Club account from the PA Lottery website at Players who have signed up to the PA Online Lottery can log on to the VIP Players Club with their existing credentials — and vice versa. Players who do not want an iLottery account should not enter the last four digits of a social security number during the registration process. Instead, select the grey “VIP Home” button. The action will allow you to just create a VIP Players Club account, which will allow you to access Coupons and Second Chance drawings.

One thing to note when registering. Use promo code WINNER when prompted as you are registering. This will ensure you receive a free $5 no deposit bonus should you decide to play the online lottery.

The VIP Players Club dashboard:

What are the main benefits of the VIP Players Club?

There are really no extra benefits to the VIP Players Club, per se. What the VIP Player’s Club does provide is a way for you access some of the standard benefits that all players of the PA Lottery are entitled to — no extra play required.

So what can you do in the VIP program?

Once you have created your account and have logged in, you will be able to administer some PA Lottery promotions, manage your PA Lottery account and engage in a couple other miscellaneous functions.

Second Chance Drawings – Have a losing lottery ticket? Some eligible games provide players a “Second Chance,” a drawing that rewards additional prizes. Submit your Entry Number and Ticket Number for the next drawing. You’ll receive a notification if you win.

Coupon Offers – Get a discount of 15%-20% on select scratch-off and fast-play coupons. Print or text the coupon for use at any Pennsylvania Lottery retailer.

Play the iLottery – Play over two dozen instant games straight from your internet browser or mobile app.

My VIP – Manage your PA Lottery account: edit log-in details, edit alerts (text and email), keep track of your favorite numbers and set reminders.

Does the VIP Club have anything to do with the PA Online Lottery (iLottery)?

Besides being able to access real money iLottery games from VIP Player’s Club, there is very little of the iLottery experience that is part of the VIP Players Club. The program is more useful to players purchasing tickets from PA brick and mortar retailers.

The PA online lottery is still in its infancy but we think — and hope — that more of the iLottery will eventually be integrated into the VIP program.

One obvious addition where to be in a tiered program, where additional benefits are given as players move up in status levels in the form of comps, free play and cash bonuses. If this were to happen, we may even see a a seamless integration into your iLottery account.

The most common questions about the PA Lottery VIP Players Club and the benefits that players can receive from the program.