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Way to Win Launches its Plan to Win, a Roadmap for Winning Progressive Power at Every Level of Government

The Plan to Win will empower their donor community to make strategic investments across key battleground states in the 2020 election and beyond

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Sep 23, 2019, 06:00 ET

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AUSTIN, Texas , Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Way to Win—a new donor collaborative that seeks to upend politics as usual—today announced its Plan to Win, a data-driven national roadmap for donors developed by community leaders in key battleground states to beat Trump and win progressive power at every level of government. Way to Win expects to move more than $50 million over the 2019 and 2020 election cycles.

“Right now, donors are flooded with options. The Plan to Win helps donors break through the 2020 fundraising chaos with a comprehensive two-year strategy that will beat Trump and build long-term progressive power,” said Tory Gavito , President and Co-Founder of Way to Win. “Donors on the left are looking for a better return on their investment than just beating Trump. They want to build real policy power. The Plan to Win is our answer.”

The Plan to Win invests resources in ten priority states: Arizona , Virginia , Florida , North Carolina , Georgia , Texas , Minnesota , Nevada , Michigan , and Pennsylvania . The priority states share fast-changing political dynamics, demographic realities, and redistricting potential to build a new political majority whose base is women, young people, and people of color. These priority states provide a path to 270 electoral college votes, have key Congressional and Senate races, are critical for redistricting efforts, and have important state and local down-ballot races.

“The Plan to Win corrects a broken feedback loop by providing a direct line for donors to state-based experts, organizations, and those most impacted by injustice,” said Nse Ufot , Executive Director of the New Georgia Project. “Way to Win empowers groups like ours and others who are advancing winning strategies by leading with race, class, and gender to improve people’s lives.”

Developed by local political experts and on-the-ground organizations with proven experience winning elections, the Plan to Win will resource candidates and bold progressive policies ranging from Medicaid Expansion for 600,000 Floridians to Automatic Voter Registration in Arizona . The Plan to Win will provide critical resources to leaders on the ground and candidates who are working to expand the House majority, flip the Senate, and win progressive power from city halls to the White House.

“The Plan to Win acknowledges the fast-changing political and cultural dynamics at play in key battleground states,” said Oscar Silva , the Executive Director of Battleground Texas. “It also provides critical resources where they are most needed in real time to close budget gaps and support communities that need the most help.”

The Plan to Win is a long-term, nimble approach. It will be updated by Way to Win and community experts at key points through the 2020 election cycle to ensure that the resources fueling winning strategies will make the most impact and lead to the highest amount of electoral wins. Unlike so many other donor tendencies, it transcends candidate races to also resource critical, progressive policies like the Green New Deal, expanding access to democracy through structural reforms, and an inclusive care agenda that offers support for working people and families.

“As a Women Donors Network member, I have supported Way to Win because of the strategic vision of supporting critical grassroots organizations in mostly southern states and Texas ,” said Margery Loeb , Way to Win member. “This has often been a missing piece. Amplifying groups who will be there between cycles as well as critical candidates allows donors to make the most impact with their resources and build long-term progressive power.”

“As a long-time political donor, it’s refreshing and empowering to support this initiative that rejects past failed establishment strategies,” said Susan Pritzker . “The Way to Win strategy is rooted in demographic data and people. With this plan, we have the opportunity to build and mobilize a new and lasting progressive majority—not for four years but for 40.”

During the 2018 Midterms, Way to Win moved over $22 million to support key Democratic victories up and down the ticket, winning 25 of 28 House races, helping to flip Congress. The release of the Plan to Win builds on Way to Win’s previous success with a community-based donor strategy poised to foster the progressive change that will build a more reflective and representative democracy for all in 2020 and beyond.

/PRNewswire/ — Way to Win—a new donor collaborative that seeks to upend politics as usual—today announced its Plan to Win, a data-driven national roadmap for…

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