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Your classic office football pool with all the excitement and none of the work.

How to Play NFL Pick’em

NFL Pick’em is arguably the most popular and commonly played football pool, and is extremely easy to learn how to play. Players compete weekly by picking one team from each game that they believe will win. At the end of the week, the player with the most correct picks is crowned champion! You can also extend your NFL Pick Em pool to crown winners at the end of the season, however the general principles are the same. There are a number of variations you can introduce into your NFL Pick Ems pool to make it more challenging and fun and we offer them all here on Gridiron Games.

Against the Spread

Printable Weekly NFL Pick Em Results

Weekly picks are displayed in a grid layout similar to your traditional pen-and-paper office pool, making it simple to view everyone’s picks. Drop-down menus make it easy to select which year and week you want to display, and we’ve even included an easy-print button for those old school players who still prefer to have a printable format with them on Sundays to track results. Weekly pick results are updated throughout the day and pool winners are automatically calculated once all games of the week are final. Put simply, we take care of all the tedious administration work so you can focus on what matters most – your picks!

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Tired of filling out your weekly picks with pen and paper?

Running an NFL Pick Em pool can be a lot of work. That’s why we’ve created a solution that takes care of it all so you can focus on what matters most – your picks! In addition to making life easier, these are just a few of the benefits of running your NFL Pick Em pool on Gridiron Games:

Fully Automated

We handle the work of running your pool

Mobile Optimized

Designed so you can make picks on the go

Private Pools

Create pools just for friends and family

Unlimited Players

Invite as many players as you like

Customize Settings

Tons of options to fit your exact needs

Message Boards

Talk trash or post important pool updates

Pool History

Results are stored from previous years

Printable Results

In case you want to view and track offline

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Affordable pricing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

Unlike other sites who charge variable fees for each person in your pool, we’ve come up with an affordable solution that allows you to manage your NFL Pick Em pool at a fraction of the cost.



Unsure of how many players you’ll have? Don’t sweat it, go small at first and you can always upgrade to a higher tier at any time!

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Still not ready to run your NFL Pick Em Pool Online?

We get it, and we appreciate you’re old school. That’s why we’ve prepared free printable templates for you to use on your own!

Our free printable NFL Pick Em weekly pick sheets are perfect for your office football pool or to use with friends and family. They’re interactive, easy to view on mobile devices, and can be filled out prior to printing and viewing offline. Each weekly pick sheet contains team names, records, point spreads, and game start times for every matchup of the week. To use the templates simply select a week, decide whether you want to include point spreads, and choose a team from each matchup you believe will win. Feel free to print as many pick sheets as you like!

NFL Weekly Pick Em 2020 . NFL Pick'em football pools with customizable settings. Mobile optimized, printable picks, free to play. Perfect for office pools!

Weekly football pick sheets

This Rules/Instruction file is at then select Rules .

College/NFL Football Pool Rules for the season

If you do not enter your picks by a Thursday weekly deadline, you have until 9 PM EST Friday to reach me by PHONE with your remaining picks for the current week. My cell phone number is 614-653-4006. You will take losses for any games you missed. You may leave me a message to call you back but I may not get that message so it is your responsibility to make sure we communicate. You may also email your remaining picks to me at [email protected] and if I respond by email by 9 PM EST Friday that I have received them your OK; however, this is not the official way to notify me. I prefer you to email me your picks and then call me so I don’t have to write down your picks while we are on the phone. If you do not see your late picks on the website “Current Week Picks/Results” section sheet by 9PM EST Friday, you get the default picks which are all Favorites. If there is not a Thursday game on the current week pick sheet and the 1st game is on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, I reserve the right to accept or reject a late pick entry. Once the date and time to close the pool has passed, I reserve the right Not to accept any pick changes. Pick changes are defined differently than a late pick.

If you get the default picks of all favorites, you are NOT eligible to win the weekly pot. The wins you receive from the default picks of all favorites will get posted to your overall total wins for that week.

Fees are $10 per week: $9 goes to weekly pot and $1 goes to Overall pot. Total cost for 1 play each week for the 17 week season is $10 x 17 weeks plus $10 per person web domain_ admin fee that totals to $180 . Web domain_admin fee also applies to players not participating in the overall pool. Some people have 2 submissions per week for 17 weeks. This costs a Total of $350=$180 plus $170 (no domain fee charged for same person with 2 plays ). BE AWARE: if you submit a pick and click the back arrow to make selections for a 2nd pick, make sure a radio button is selected for every game. I noticed using Internet Explorer some radio buttons are blank. If you submit picks with blanks they will not take. If you want to include your BOWL pick fee add $25.

Fees are NOT collected up front. Payouts are made at the end of the season. No payouts are made out to weekly winners. At the end of the season, no later than Jan 7th, net losers must send a check payable to Randy Sklenar for the NET loss amount and mail it to:

3284 Long Cove Ct

Pickerington, Ohio 43147

I will track the net winnings and cummulative wins for the “overall standings” in an excel file. This file is updated and sent out weekly. Net winners are paid when all net losers have paid. If someone does not pay, I will adjust the net winners payout. In the many years we had this pool, nobody has stiffed me yet. Veteran players bringing new players into the pool should use trust and confidence these people will pay or ask me to collect their fees up front for 1st time pool players.

You can enter “extra” picks in any given week for $9 that goes toward the weekly pot. If you have an “extra” pick in week 1 that you do not want to be part of the overall pot, let me know in advance. Several people have an overall pick and like to throw in an extra pick in various weeks throughout the season. I will run a tab for extra picks. Just let me know who you are when making extra picks.

Go to To enter picks, select “Weekly Picks/Results”. Then pick the team you think will cover the point spread shown.

If you enter the pool and want out, you will be responsible to pay $9 for each weekly pick you participated in plus $17 for the overall pot you committed to at the beginning of the pool. This will be due immediately unless you already paid for the season.

If a player misses week1 and wants in the full season beginning in week2, I will give that player the amount of wins in week1 equal to the worst picker of week1 to count toward their overall win total.

If you enter the Pool:

  1. If you were in the pool last year and your using the same initials for your picks, no need to send me email to identify yourself. If you change your initials, send me email of the initials you are using.
  • If your new to the pool: Send me email who you are and the 3 initials you will be using when doing your picks.

    Weekly pot: 70% to 1 st place, 30% to 2 nd place.

    Overall Pot: 50% to 1 st place, 30% to 2 nd place, 20% to 3 rd place.

    Ties: if 1st place tie in weekly pot, the 1st and 2nd place money is added and given out 50/50 to the winners. If tie for 2nd happens in weekly pot the 2nd place money is split 50/50. If in Overall pot, there is a 1st place tie, the 1st and 2nd place money is added and split 50/50. If in overall pot there is a 2nd place tie, the 2nd and 3rd money is added and split 50/50. If in overall, there is 3rd place tie, the money is split 50/50.

    There are 17 weeks in the 2006/2007 season. Thursday, September 7 th at 6:45 pm EST is the deadline to enter WEEK 1 picks.

    All NFL games are on the sheet each week and the remainder are College games. I will have upto and most likely 31 picks and a tiebreaker pick each week. Around week 14, I add over and under picks to maintain up to 31 picks each week. In week 17, there probably will not be any college games scheduled since the pros end the regular season on Dec 31 and Jan 1. I may not have 31 picks in week 17. The total amount of picks may vary from week to week or remain the same. Usually the good matchups in college are selected and/or televised college games. You must play the point spreads . I view point spreads from a few websites to determine the spreads. If there is not a point spread listed for a game I will estimate the spread. This occurs when there is a questionable player. We play every NFL game every week so this happens frequently. You should also view point spreads in the paper or from a Vegas website so you know when this occurs.

    Toward the end of the season when the college season winds down, I insert some Over/Under games. (ie: at Miami _ 40.5_ Dallas, pick under if you think the total points of this game will be below 40.5 points).

    Picks will be available EVERY Tuesday around 8 PM EST.

    Picks will be due EVERY Week either THURSDAY by 6:45 PM EST if we have a Thursday night game on the pick sheet OR FRIDAY by 6:45 PM EST regardless if the 1st game is on Friday or Saturday from the pick sheet

    Summary sheet for the weekly picks will be completed and available on the web when the pool is closed each week.

    To Enter Picks : I will usually send out email that the web is ready for you to enter picks for Week “x” every week.

    1. To enter Week1 picks, go to http://www . . If you don’t have access to the Internetor the Internet provider is not working, call 614-653-4006 and I will enter them for you.
    2. Select Current Week Picks/Results . This brings up the current week pick sheet.
    3. Enter your 3 initials IN small LETTERS or 3 letters to identify yourself. You must use the exact same initials EVERY WEEK . Examples are: rws, rs1, d1c. You may enter an “extra” pick for $6 in any week, please use different initials for “extra” picks. When the weekly pick sheet appears, you will notice a “black” radio button already exists on a team. Just click the teams you want to pick , enter the total points for Monday Nights game, and click on submit to enter your picks. If you forget to enter Total Points for Monday Night’s game (the tiebreaker), you will receive a message you forgot to enter a tiebreaker.
    4. You will then receive a message your picks have been entered. Don’t worry if the “year” shown on this page shows 2004. If you don’t see “your picks have been entered, call me at 614-653-4006.
    5. When I close the pool you can go to http://www . and select Current Week Picks/Results and you can now view the Summary Sheet of everyone’s picks. If you don’t see a summary sheet click your Refresh button.
    6. I will then enter the outcome of the games usually during these intervals: after Saturday games are complete, after Sunday 1:00 games are complete, after Sunday 4:00 games are complete, after Sunday night game is done, and after the Monday night game is done. Go to http://www . and Current Week Picks/Results to view the results of the games. If you don’t see a change to this file click your Refresh button. As I enter outcomes, the summary sheet will show correct picks in green. It also sorts who has the most correct picks for the current week from left to right (far left side is current leader/leaders). Tiebreakers must be figured out manually. There is no sorting done in the summary sheet for the tiebreaker.
    7. On Tuesday around 8:00 pm EST, I will have week 2 picks ready for you to enter. Go through steps 1-7 to repeat the process every week.
    8. When week 2 picks are ready, Week1 picks are posted on the website by clicking Week1. Current Week Picks/Results will now contain the pick sheet for Week2.
    9. We will retain all completed summary sheets under the WEEKLY PICKS section. Just select the week you want to view.
    10. I usually send email on Tuesday saying “WeekNN is ready” (ready for you to enter your picks) ” deadline to enter picks is Thursday at 6:45 PM EST if a Thursday night game is on the pick sheet or Friday by 6:45 pmEST if the 1st game on the pick sheet is Friday or Saturday.”. These emails may not come out every week. Don’t wait or depend on them. RULES Document tells you when and what to do so it is not necessary to send out email each week. Do not wait on email to do your picks.

    Tracking Overall Pot:

    The Excel file named “overallYYYY.xls”. tracks the overall standings and is emailed weekly. If you see an error, please report this to Randy Sklenar within 5 days following the previous Monday night game.

    If you do not enter your picks on time:

    Pool Closes every Thursday or Friday during the college season. If you didn’t enter your picks on time a pick sheet is no longer available when you select Current week picks/results. You will get the default picks equal to all the Favorites and a tiebreaker of 99 total points on Monday night’s game. 99 total points is necessary so you will know who was a late picker compared to someone who entered on time with all favorites as their weekly picks. We use 99 points to give the people that made their picks on time an advantage. Toward the end of the season we will play some over/under picks and the default during these weeks is all FAVORITES and all OVERS . You are NOT eligible to win the weekly pot and your weekly wins will be added to your cumulative wins. See new Rule#1 at the top of this document for the process to use to enter a late pick by Friday 9PM EST only if there is a Thursday game on the weekly pick sheet.P>

    I will not be calling you to inform I don’t have your weekly picks and the pool is closing soon. Your responsible to submit your picks on time. Everything in this file tells you how the pool runs. I suggest you enter your picks early so your not in a last minute crisis and get an error message a) when trying to access the website or B) when submitting your picks. If this happens, call Randy Sklenar at 614-653-4006. I reserve the right to edit the weekly official summary file if necessary. For example, the weekly log file shows someone entered their picks but it does not show on the summary file posted on the website.

    When you make a mistake when submitting your picks

    If you submitted your picks and want to make a change before the deadline: go ahead and re-enter your picks using the same initials and I will edit the official pick sheet by keeping the picks with the latest time stamp and delete any picks that preceed it. (IE: If I see 2 picks with initials rws, I will keep the “rws” pick that was entered with the latest time stamp).

    Weekly football pick sheets This Rules/Instruction file is at then select Rules . College/NFL Football Pool Rules for the season If you do not enter your picks by