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Lotto Millionaire Raffle

The final Lotto Millionaire Raffle took place on 17th November 2018 and is now no longer available to play. You will not receive any more raffle codes on your Lotto tickets.

Lotto Millionaire Raffle is a supplementary game played alongside Lotto that offers one ticket holder the chance to win an amazing £1 million and a further 20 players the opportunity to win prizes of £20,000 in every draw.

Lotto Millionaire Raffle replaced Lotto Raffle in October 2015 as part of sweeping changes made to Lotto. Entry is included in the cost of a regular Lotto ticket and presents players with a chance to win a prize even if they have missed out on one in the main Lotto draw.

Every Lotto Millionaire Raffle code is randomly generated, printed at the bottom of each Lotto ticket and consists of a four-digit colour, such as BLUE, GOLD or PINK, followed by an eight-digit number (for example, 1234 5678). One code will be assigned to each Lotto line purchased.

All codes are then entered into the separate raffle game, with the winning code selected at random. Because all Lotto entrants are included in the supplementary draw, the odds of winning a Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize vary from draw to draw. Matching the first code drawn guarantees the lucky ticket holder £1 million, with a further 20 codes being selected to award 20 winners with £20,000 each.

Occasionally, special Lotto Millionaire Raffle games can be held in honour of significant events, such as the launch of the revamped Lotto game, which saw 25 prizes of £1 million given away on Saturday 10th October 2015.

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National Lottery Raffle

The National Lottery Raffle is unlike any other game as it can give you the chance to win luxury non-cash prizes, such as cars and even houses. A number of prizes are offered with each edition of the game and they are all guaranteed to be won. Raffle draws are special events and are not scheduled for any particular date; they are instead usually held to mark big occasions such as Christmas.

How to Play

The Raffle is simple to play, as you don’t have to pick your numbers like in a traditional lottery; you just have to purchase a ticket to be in with a chance of winning. Follow the steps below to play in-store or online:


  • Open an online lottery account or sign in to an existing one
  • Select the Raffle
  • Choose how many tickets you want to purchase
  • Pay for your entries

Your Raffle entries will be saved in your online account.


  • Visit any National Lottery retailer
  • Request the number of tickets you would like
  • Pay for your tickets
  • Keep your entries safe until the raffle takes place

The Raffle can also be played via alternative channels such as RA Cellular or A2PAY. Go to the How to Play page for more information about the various entry methods.

You can play until half an hour before the draw is held or until all the tickets have been sold. The cost of the Raffle may change with each draw, as may the number of tickets available.

Tickets will show a seven-digit number that is unique to your entry, and they are sold in sequential order. It is not possible to pick your own numbers.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

The prizes are different in every Raffle, but they are not always cash payouts like in other lotteries. Since the Raffle started, the National Lottery has given away cars and houses worth a certain value, as well as smaller cash prizes.

To win a prize, your seven-digit number must match one of the winning tickets randomly selected in the Raffle. All seven digits must match in the exact order.

The prizes are guaranteed to be won because only tickets that have been sold are entered into the Raffle. The number of prizes that will be offered varies, but this will always be announced in advance.

Visit the How to Claim page for more information about what to do if you win.

SA Raffle History

Millions of rand in cash and dozens of luxury prizes have been given away since the National Lottery Raffle was first played in December 2016. See what prizes were available in previous editions of the Raffle.

Friday 10 January 2020

Ten Mercedes C200 Cabriolets were given away in the 2019 Raffle, the draw for which took place in January 2020.

2019 Raffle Prizes and Odds
Prize Number of Prizes Odds of Winning* Prize Division Value Percentage of Prize Pool
Mercedes Benz C200 Cabriolet 10 1 in 50,000 R7.79 million 62%
R50,000 20 1 in 25,000 R1 million 8%
R10,000 155 1 in 3,226 R1.55 million 12%
R1,000 2,160 1 in 231 R2.16 million 18%
* There were 500,000 tickets available for this raffle, making the overall odds of winning a prize 1 in 213

Saturday 29 December 2018

Six players received R2 million to spend on new homes, while there were also 50 players who won R10,000 each.

2018 Raffle Prizes and Odds
Prize Number of Prizes Odds of Winning* Prize Division Value Percentage of Prize Pool
Home worth R2 million 6 1 in 83,333 R12 million 96%
R10,000 50 1 in 10,000 R500,000 4%
* There were 500,000 tickets sold for this raffle, making the overall odds of winning a prize 1 in 8,929

Saturday 30 December 2017

Twenty-five winners each took home a Mini Cooper Convertible in the second Raffle of 2017, part of a total prize pool worth R15 million.

December 2017 Raffle Prizes and Odds
Prize Number of Prizes Odds of Winning* Prize Division Value Percentage of Prize Pool
Mini Cooper convertible 25 1 in 60,000 R9.125 million 60.8%
R10,000 300 1 in 5,000 R3 million 20%
R2,500 300 1 in 1,304 R2.875 million 19.2%
* The overall odds of winning a prize were 1 in 1,017

Saturday 27 May 2017

A Raffle on 27 May 2017 offered a jackpot of R1 million to each of 12 winners, and a total prize fund of R21 million, the most ever given away in a single Raffle draw.

May 2017 Raffle Prizes and Odds
Prize Number of Prizes Odds of Winning* Prize Division Value Percentage of Prize Pool
R1 million 12 1 in 166,666 R12 million 57.14%
R100,000 30 1 in 66,666 R3 million 14.29%
R10,000 500 1 in 4,000 R5 million 23.81%
R1,000 1,000 1 in 2,000 R1 million 4.76%
* The overall odds of winning a prize were 1 in 1,297

Friday 30 December 2016

The first ever National Lottery Raffle offered 15 brand new Mercedes’, each worth nearly R700,000. There was also over R10 million in cash given away.

May 2017 Raffle Prizes and Odds
Prize Number of Prizes Odds of Winning* Prize Division Value Percentage of Prize Pool
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet 15 1 in 133,333 R10.3 million 49.63%
R100,000 45 1 in 44,444 R4.5 million 21.59%
R10,000 500 1 in 4,000 R5 million 23.98%
R1,000 1,000 1 in 4,000 R5 million 4.80%
* The overall odds of winning a prize were 1 in 1,282

If you need to know anything else about the Raffle, including when the next one is due to be held or how much tickets cost, see the frequently asked questions below.

The date of the next National Lottery Raffle has not yet been announced. Check this page later to find out when the next Raffle is due to be drawn.

The cost of tickets varies from year to year – tickets for the 2019 Raffle cost R50 each.

The top prize in the Raffle varies from year to year. In past draws cars, cash and even houses have been given away.

The Raffle is only available to permanent residents of South Africa or people with a South African work permit who are situated in the country.

No, you cannot choose your numbers for the Raffle, as each entry has to be unique. Tickets are individually numbered and sold in sequential order.

You can buy a maximum of R2,000 (including VAT) worth of Raffle tickets. As the ticket price changes with each Raffle, the exact number of tickets you can buy each time will vary.

Raffle Rules

Make sure you know the rules of playing before you purchase a ticket for the Raffle to avoid any issues when it’s time to claim a prize.

  • Purchased tickets can only be cancelled if they are illegible, incomplete, or are printed in error.
  • Tickets must be returned to the retailer they were issued from within two hours of the purchase to qualify for a refund, subject to the conditions above.
  • Tickets purchased online or via SmartCall cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • Players can only win one prize per ticket.
  • Although tickets are limited, ticket numbers may exceed the stated amount available as they will include any cancelled entries.
  • If not all the Raffle tickets are sold by the close of sales the Raffle may be postponed until a later date.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age and a permanent resident of South Africa, or have a South African work permit and bank account, to enter the Raffle.

The National Lottery Raffle is an exciting game that gives players the chance to win both cash and luxury non-cash prizes. Find out more here! ]]>