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Lucky Star is an animated program based on the hit manga series. The setting at first seems to be a typical slice of life style show. One has the usual collection of high school friends who go about their day to day lives. The main difference comes from the nature of the central protagonist. Konata Izumi is a departure from the normal protagonist in similar shows. Instead of being outgoing, she’s sedate. Instead of being popular, she’s a bit withdrawn. Instead of being athletic, she’s happy to stick with video games and obscure pop culture. In short, she’s one of the first examples of a school girl character who’s the focus, a bit nerdy and who’s shown to be quite OK with that fact.

The tone is unique in blending what many would term absurdist humor with continuity within the general high school lifestyle. Each character is seen to grow and change within the context of the overall series. However, at the same time events are often exaggerated to a large extent to create an amusing atmosphere. This is especially true during the ending segments which often take on a darker and often fourth wall breaking tone.

Lucky Star is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on April 8, 2007.

Lucky Star is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Lucky Star on demand at, Crunchyroll online.

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It’s almost time for the school’s culture festival. While the girls are preparing for their classes’ themes for the festival, Patricia proposes that she and the girls in her class should do a cheerleading act for the opening ceremony of the festival. Patricia “persuades” Konata into performing the routine with her, who in turn gets Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki, Misao, and Ayano to do it as well.Akira Kogami finally makes an appearance on the actual show, although she and Shiraishi are still on bad terms.Before the opening ceremony, the girls practice the cheerleading act one last time to the song, “Motteke! Sailor Fuku!”

Konata and Yutaka catch a cold, and Yutaka’s friends, Minami, Hiyori, and Patricia, come and visit her. They, Konata, and Yutaka discuss younger-sister-moe, Minami’s lack of breasts and how Hiyori doesn’t want Yutaka to read her doujin manga.After seeing a TV program about how xylitol chewing gum can eliminate cavities, Miyuki decides to test this out. As a result, one of her fillings comes out and she has to go to the dentist.Kagami and Misao play a video game together. Although Misao is terrible at playing them, she seems to be having more fun than Kagami who’s playing to win.Patricia tells Kagami what music she’s been listening to lately and how much she would like to have a maid.Miyuki tells her mother about her friends’ opinions on Minami, but they seem to contradict with what Miyuki’s mom recalls from Minami’s previous actions.On Lucky Channel, a woman named Gotouza disciplines Akira and Shiraishi enough that they’ll do one last Lucky Channel segment together.

Konata and the girls discuss parents who check through their children’s e-mails and text messages, how much money Konata spent at Comiket, and how hot it is even though it’s September.Yui meet’s Yutaka’s friend Minami for the first time, and Minami gets even less insecure about her. growth.Tsukasa tries different methods to wake up early in the morning. All of them failed.Hiyori thinks of some good ideas for her manga, but when she tries to write them down, she just can’t seem to remember them.Konata’s class embark on a school excursion to Kyoto and Nara. During the trip, Kagami receives a letter from a boy asking for her to meet him at night. What could this boy possibly want from Kagami?On Lucky Channel, Shiraishi returns from his journey from Mount Fuji and gives Akira the famed Mount Fuji water she wanted. When Akira is disgusted by the taste of the water, Shiraishi finally snaps!

Konata and Kagami talk about getting rare cards from snack packs and female otakus’ tastes in males.Konata, her dad, and Yutaka are annoyed by mosquitoes.The girls are taking summer classes, and Konata tries to get some of her homework done at Kagami and Tsukasa’s house.The girls all go to a fireworks festival and meet with Yutaka’s classmates along the way.On Lucky Channel, Akira and a special guest, Daisuke Ono, take a quick look at Shiraishi’s trek on Mount Fuji.

Konata and her dad discuss Gun**m (Gundam).Yutaka thinks that having an upperclassman like Konata is advantageous when she needs help with her school work, but Konata doesn’t think so.Konata complains about how baseball games ruin the TV schedules.Konata and the girls discuss what qualifies as “moe”.Hiyori shows the hardships of being a manga artist.Yutaka asks Hiyori about the meaning of “yaoi”.On Lucky Channel, Shiraishi expresses how much he loves the outdoors. So Akira suggests that he go through the forest of Mount Fuji and get some water for her.

It’s Konata’s birthday, and her family sets up a surprise party for her when she gets home from work. All goes according to plan until Konata calls and says that her coworkers are throwing her a party and that she’ll be coming home late.The girls discuss what their goals in life are.Kagami has a bad day when she gets bothered by little annoyances and ends up going to a store to buy a drink but forgets her wallet.Things get worse for Kagami when her older sister Matsuri scolds her for neglecting to buy groceries for dinner.On Lucky Channel, Akira and Shiraishi have a special guest: Meito Anizawa, the manager of the anime store that desperately wants Konata to buy something from his shop. He talks about the three factors that determine an anime’s success.

Konata gets a new cellphone.The girls learn how Miyuki became so knowledgable, how much she spaces out, and when she started wearing glasses.Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki go see Konata at her job. On their way, Konata calls and asks them to pick up a comic for her. When they arrive at Konata’s workplace, they see Konata dance on stage and meet her coworker, Patricia Martin.While studying with two of her classmates, Ayano Minegishi and Misao Kusakabe, Kagami realizes just how similar they are to Konata and Tsukasa.On Lucky Channel, Akira holds her big concert. in a karaoke bar.

Konata’s cousin Yutaka Kobayakawa, who is also Konata’s cousin Yui’s little sister, has passed her high school entrance exams and will be living with Konata and her father from now on.Before a sick Yutaka took her exams, she met a girl who gave her a handkerchief. On the day of orientation and uniform fitting at Yutaka’s new high school, she meets the girl who gave her the handkerchief and gives it back to her. They become friends and part ways. It was then that Yutaka realizes that she never asked for the girl’s name.Kagami and Tsukasa come over the Konata’s house and become acquainted with Yutaka.This week on Lucky Channel, Akira feels gypped by the fact that she only had one line in the actual show, but she wasn’t on-screen. So, she decideds to initiate “Project Full Appearance in Actual Show. ” and tells the audience to send in their support to get her in the actual show.

Konata and the girls discuss the problems with sleeping during trainrides.Christmas is around the corner, but before that, Konata learns the truth about the existence of Santa Claus, Tsukasa and Miyuki talk about dentists, Kagami thinks that the people in Konata’s class are a little too familiar with her, and Konata has to work during the holidays.Konata’s cousin Yui insults the cops on television (despite the fact that she’s a cop herself). The girls talk about how once a person is over 25 (i.e. their teacher Nanako Kuroi), a Christmas cake is any old cake to him/her. The girls also discuss static electricity and why Konata doesn’t get shocked by it.On Lucky Channel, Akira announces that she will appear in the actual show starting in the next episode.

Tsukasa gets a new cell phone. Kagami teaches her how to text message. Tsukasa text messages Kagami to the point of sheer annoyance. Konata invites Kagami and Tsukasa over to her house and they forget to do their homework.

The gang comes back to school after the summer break and Konata is in a good mood because she has become hooked on Marimite. Miyuki is forced to go to school without her glasses because she broke them. Tsukasa recieves her first cell phone, but its life is very short after Tsukasa leaves it in the washing machine. On Lucky Channel, Shiraishi follows up on a fan’s request for a certain hairstyle.

Summer vacation has just begun. Konata, the Hiiragi twins and Miyuki go to a summer festival clothed in yukata. Yui Nanami is first introduced in this episode, currently on patrol at the festival. Konata and Nanako chat over an online game. Later on, Konata and the twins meet and do homework together. Back at her house, Konata finds a rare drop and celebrates it with her online friends.

Summer is almost here, and Konata is still staying up late playing online video games, reading manga, and watching anime instead of studying. Kagami and Tsukasa’s birthday arrives on July 7 and Konata and Miyuki celebrate with them. After this episode, the director is changed from Yutaka Yamamoto to Yasuhiro Takemoto.

Everything is normal as the four main characters attend a normal day of high school. They discuss different foods and how they eat them. Later on, Kagami gets sick and all the characters go over to make sure she is okay.

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