win game store legit

Is trustworthy?

Guys and gals, I need your help!

I noticed that WinGameStore had a really nice deal for Shadows on Vatican 2 which I’d very much like to grab.
I’ve never heard of this store before though, so I wonder: Can I trust them with my credit card info?

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Yep! Wingamestore/macgamestore are legit. I’ve purchased from them a few times over the years.

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Awesome, that’s what I hoped to hear! 😀 Do you know if they have any sort of region locks if I wanted to purchse a key for gifting purposes?

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every key I’ve purchased has been Global

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They are a legit and legal store. You can purchase your games there without worries.

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That’s great news, thank you 🙂

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Yes, i bought many games there.
I have never had any issues.

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That’s very good, thanks for sharing 🙂

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They are also one of the stores that have a few non-Steam and DRM-free games stocking as well.

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Not really intersted in DRM-free stuff myself, but it’s indeed good to know! Thanks for your opinion 🙂

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I’ve bought a few things from them as well. They have a 5% off code (pcgames5off) that is one time use per account. I found the site through ITAD wishlist notification, and I thought it was a limited time sale code and wasted it on a piece of DLC on sale for $5.

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You can use it twice, once in WGS, once in MGS. However, you should first check if Windows/Mac version of the game has the same Steam app id (most have).

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It wouldn’t let me do it. I tried the mac coupon code too and it said I already used it.

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Did you use it on the other domain? If so, maybe they’ve changed it in the meantime.

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Yeah I tried both the wingamestore and macgamestore sites. I haven’t bought anything from them since last summer though. I was going to try the codes again the next time I buy something to see if it “forgets” after a while.

Is trustworthy? Guys and gals, I need your help! I noticed that WinGameStore had a really nice deal for Shadows on Vatican 2 which I’d very much like to grab. I’ve never

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Instant delivery

immediate key code given after purchase, stays on account until used

I have been a customer for years now

I have been a customer for years now. Wingamestore is a legal store. Not graymarket. Games bought are available instantly. They offer a bonuspoint scheme where you build up credit for extra discount. They are fair honest and swift. Always offer best prices.

Bad reviews by people needing to be verified only witnesses of a propper financial procedure. Their loss if they can’t wait a moment!

Worked straight away (STEAM & other)

Bought my second game from WinGameStore and was very happy! 20% off from the Steam price, and the key came through immediately and worked a treat. Another game I bought from there years ago was also still there and available for download (even though the developer no longer supports it).

Maybe for some games you have to wait, but both times I received instant digital gratification for my order. They accept PayPal, so you’re covered by PayPal too if anything goes wrong.

To perhaps help others to understand why it’s often cheaper than Steam, they seem to buy up a heap of keys when a discount appears on Steam and sell them off later for whatever their markup is. The key I got is for the “launch edition” (same as the full game), even though the game has been out a few months now.

Would buy from these guys again, and will try to remember to always check back here before buying for the advertised Steam price!

I do not recommend

I bought the game. After buying, I was informed that it is unavailable and the store is waiting for new codes. Waiting time up to a week. I asked what was going on. They said the information was given before buying. It’s not true. Unpleasant service, it felt like I was writing with a child. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Great experience

I logged in with Google, and my order was processed immediately. Got the game, no problems whatsoever.

Extremely rude and hostile company

I bought Death Stranding from WinGameStore a week ago, and it just wouldn’t run. A few hours of troubleshooting later, I gave up and started looking into refunds. I couldn’t get my refund with Steam, since I didn’t pay them anything, and according to WinGameStore’s Terms and Conditions, they don’t offer any refunds at all — only store credit.

I looked into it and discovered that this policy is actually illegal. I live in England. WinGameStore is an American business, but companies need to follow the laws of the countries they’re doing business in. Long story short, if the game doesn’t work, we’re entitled to a refund, exactly the same as if they’d sold you a faulty lawnmower.

Knowing from their policies WinGameStore would almost certainly refuse, I sent them an email based on a template from Which (a mainstream English consumer advocacy site), formally invoking my consumer rights.

To my surprise, I received a refund straight away. Plus an angry, condescending email wherein a very offended WinGameStore representative called me out for my “hostility” and effectively banned me from using their store, telling me to “do business elsewhere in future”.

They made sure to let me know that they weren’t refunding me because of my “UK Demands”, but because they “actually like to help out [their] customers”. I found this unconvincing. If they liked helping their customers by providing refunds, they wouldn’t have an explicit and illegal “no refunds” clause in their T&Cs.

I’m happy that I got my money back. However, this interaction makes it clear that WinGameStore does not respect the rights of their customers. It is shady and unethical to get mad at people and ban them from your store for returning a faulty product.

Be careful when doing business with WinGameStore, and don’t be afraid to exercise your rights where appropriate. If someone sells you software that doesn’t work, at least in the UK, you’re entitled to get it repaired or refunded.

Misleading – Avoid

Like many others before me have said, the site may be legitimate, but they mislead you by NOT MENTIONING ANYWHERE that orders USUALLY have to get MANUALLY PROCESSED.

That’s scummy and absolutely unacceptable. I’ll not be buying from this store again and I’ll definitely divert as many people as I can away from it.

bad, slow website.

i ordered rdr2 cause it was the best price over there. i waited almost 48 hours! then they cancelled my order. it might be legit but that thing is bad. good thing i got a refund!

I purchased a key

I purchased a key, got an annoying message that my purchase is under manual review. this was very unexpected at 2020. Started to read online if wingamestore is safe. Got a bit scared when reading the reviews here. Started to write an annoyed review that it’s not OK and it’s dishonest and. got an email with my key. All in all 15 minutes.

For the price, It’s great. I just wish better transparency for first time buyers. Next time, I will know what to expect

This site left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth – first and last time buying here

Unfortunately I have to join the other reviews in saying that the manual review is something you should at least be warned about.

I saw a certain game on sale and decided to buy it, made the account paid with paypal and ended up at the payment under review page.
On that page there is a warning that the orders will be processed slower outside business hours (PST). However I placed the order at 11 AM PST. It’s now 12 hours later and nothing has changes and I’m not expecting it to either for at least 12 more hours.

After this I can’t find a reason to use this store again. The idea and the magic behind buying a gamekey, for me personally is that you can receive the product instantly.

So if the game is at the regular price there is 0 reasons to buy it here, if discounted make sure that the deal is worth the wait.

Just find a different store.. this one is not worth your time

I waited hours for my game because they did not notify me that there would be a manual review of the order. Just buy from a different store.. this is not worth your time and you can find similar or better prices elsewhere, without spending hours waiting for your key to be delivered.

Worked and got the PUBG key instantly

Absolute Scam.

I bought a game from them and had no problem.
I then bought a second game from them and I spent 2 days waiting for them to be process the puchase just to find my account locked after they had already took the payment.
Then I couldn’t access cutomer support because the site wanted me to sign in to access it.
The first game i had bought then had it’s cd key revoked a week later due to a the key not being paid for by the site.


No where in the buying process do they make clear that there is a delay in receiving what you paid for. Only after purchase (and money has been taken from my account) do they then let you know that there will be a delay (with no given time) to actually receiving your digital key.

As a customer, it feels like a deliberate attempt to mislead you, given that no other legitimate seller operates like this, and you get what you paid for near instantly, like all other digital products. You shouldn’t have to search through the webpages on the site, or read FAQs every time you purchase from a new site.

What’s more is they don’t offer full refunds, only store credit to use with their broken system. Won’t be purchasing from them in the future

Beware, keys are VERY slow!

Bought a game key for a friend as a gift with the goal to play *now*. Unfortunately they don’t make it clear during your purchase that there is a manual review process and that you don’t get your key until pretty much a day later, at which point the moment has passed.

Outrageous process – at least make this crystal clear BEFORE purchase! Most people expect a digital key to be delivered there and then so they can start playing the game they ordered – that’s kind of the point of digital distribution.

Worked like a charm

Not sure what happened with the other reviewers here but my order went through immediately. I got 83 % off Kerbal Space Programm, which was awesome. Worked with a steam product key like a charm. No Complaints.

Bad business practices and awful customer service

I wasn’t a big fan of them from the start, mainly because my very first transaction with them took hours to complete (I’ve heard of people going days before their first transaction is cleared), because unlike most game sellers, they decide to verify your purchase manually the first time you buy from them. Or they just do it randomly on any other purchase. The key issue being that this is a process that can typically take a day or more, and they don’t warn you about it before you buy. You only get informed that your order is on hold after buying. This is something I’ve come to expect from grey-market resellers.

I’ve bought from them a few times after that without issue, but on a recent preorder I decided to ditch them for good. The preorder keys were sent out late with no communication from WGS. When mine was released, it turned out to be a duplicate. I found this very shady, as I’ve only ever had this happen on grey market stores and is one of the reasons I only buy from authorised resellers nowadays (the damage to indie devs caused by the grey market being another). I use a variety of legit stores, usually whichever is cheapest, and this was a new experience for me (and according to several threads on Reddit, not a first time for WGS).

I decided not to make use of their store any longer, because if they issued duplicate keys, how was I to know my keys won’t get randomly revoked in future? I emailed them explaining that I’d like to make use of my right to withdraw (as per EU law), seeing as I was delivered a non-functional product. I specifically mentioned that I would be sourcing my key elsewhere and wanted a refund. I included screenshots of my games account and the key redemption page to show that the game was not on my account and that the key was already used. My request was completely ignored and they sent me a new key per Email instead, which in a more cynical light can be seen as trying to void my right to withdraw. I mailed them back and asked them to reread the original ticket, as I had requested a refund, not a new key and that I had already bought the game elsewhere.

They wrote me back a pretty condescending reponse about how “first and foremost they don’t blanket ignore customers like other stores” (so why did they ignore the content of my ticket completely?!) and that if I choose to do business with other stores, it is my own business. And that the best they could do for me is offer in-store credit (if you can offer credit, why can’t you offer a refund on an unused product that the buyer intentionally didn’t request?!). I haven’t had such a condescending customer service experience in a long time, so I fired back and told them to let me know whether they’d like to process the refund themselves, or whether I should escalate it at my credit card provider. Only then did they give me a refund.

I really cannot recommend them to anyone. The general feeling I got from them is that they operate their store like a grey market key site, with bad customer service to match. I can recommend literally any other authorized retailer over WGS. You won’t wait ages for delivery of your products and customer service is miles better.

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