win or won

Win or won

Win is in present tense (happening/going to happen) while won is in past tense. (already happened)

E.g I want to win this game
I will win her heart.

I won the competition last year.
I won a gold medal in the recent Olympics.

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won is past of win
meanings are same

I won the match yesterday
I win match daily

India won the match from Bangladesh
India win match from Pakistan

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Это один из неправильных глаголов
У них (неправильных глаголов) есть три основные формы (+четвёртая , в которой добавляется окончание ing)
Win – won – won

Примеры других неправильных глаголов:
Buy – bought – bought
Catch – caught- caught

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win is a verb which is opposite of losing and is used in present tense and future by adding ‘will’.
While won is the past as well as past participle of win, for example

‘I have to win tomorrow’s race no matter what.’
‘I hope you will win tomorrow so that you can be selected for the nationals.’
‘I won the contest and got this trophy as a reward.’

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